7 Dime Bags That Are Perfect For Festival Season

Festival season is in full swing! Whether you’re a veteran partier or new to the scene, there are always ways to improve your next festival experience. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bags to take to festivals, from backpacks to fanny packs, we’ve tested these guys out and gave them the stamp of approval for surviving the festival season. Stick some hat pins in them, and you’re ready to go! Check out our top 7 Dime Bags perfect for festival season below.

Hip Hugger

The Hip Hugger is perfect for keeping your valuables close.

The Hip Hugger provides just the right amount of storage for when you want to explore the festival grounds hands-free. With a hidden interior pocket and two external storage compartments, the Hip Hugger can keep your valuables (and questionables) hidden while providing easy access to the contents in the front. The Hip Hugger is available in red and black so you can stand out or play it cool while getting down on the dance floor. With an adjustable strap and durable buckle closure, the Hip Hugger will last you many festival seasons to come.

Club Kid

As the name implies, the Club Kid was made for partying. Not too big and not too small, The Club Kid is just the right size for a night full of memories you’ll never forget. The small pocket on the front of the bag has slots for your cards and a slight padding to keep them protected in the event that you fall from the platform you thought was a good idea to dance on top of. There are tons of storage compartments on the inside so your belongings can stay put while your mind is in space. Available in black, brown, magenta, and our three new colors timber, concrete, and glass.

The Hipster

The Hipster converts from a purse to a backpack.

Save space and time with the two-in-one Hipster. Perfect for some heady hat pins, this backpack converts into a purse with a simple click making this the ultimate bag for festival season. Store your tapestry, water, and jacket in the backpack for those longer festival nights, or unhook the straps and convert your bag into a purse for quick trips to get ice and coffee. No need to pack multiple purses for the music festival experience, the Hipster can do it all.

The Transporter

The Transporter keeps your belongings safe while you're out.

Invest in your safety and security during festival season with the Transporter. This backpack (pictured on left) is 100% smell-proof and has a set of keys that lock the main zipper shut. The Transporter is perfect for glass blowers, jewelry makers, hat pin traders, and … well, I’m sure there are some other people that could really use this bag at festivals! Know your belongings are safe and sound (and smell-proof) so you can focus on what’s really important at the event. (P.S. – Did you know that all of the logo patches on our bags are removable? We have over 50 patches to customize your look with or you can remove it completely for the ultimate discretion.)

Fanny Pack

Did you even go to a festival if you didn’t break out a fanny pack? The Fanny Pack is a classic festival companion. Ours has room for your phone, keys, cards, cash, and more. Made with our signature Hempster material, this Fanny Pack is both durable and eco-friendly, just like you. Snap on the belt with the adjustable straps and buckle closure to keep your festival necessities in place all weekend.

Multi-Purpose Purse

The Multi-Purpose fits all the necessities.

The Multi-Purpose purse is perfect for the jet-setting festival goer or one-day partier. The Multi-Purpose is just like your everyday purse, but with a twist. There’s a secret pocket on the inside you can store your goodies in. It’s also lined with a light padding to keep your phone, sunglasses, and other valuables protected. This purse is available in both a small and large size, so no matter what festival you head to next, you’ll always have your stuff by your side.


You can keep your art supplies, concentrates, or anything else in the Magma!

Can’t live without concentrates? The Magma is your new festival must-have. The Magma folds out into a concentration station equipped with a dab mat, place to set your rig, and enough compartments to keep your tools and plenty of dabs on deck all weekend. You can store and transport your gear safely with The Magma and our other concentration station, The Bully. You can also use the Magma to transport your art gear, jewelry, and other valuables safely and keep them organized during festival season.

Know someone who could use one of these bags? Share the code “festiebestie” for 15% off the Hip Hugger, Hipster, Transporter, Club Kid, Fanny Pack, Small or Large Multi Purpose, and Magma, only at DimeBags.com.

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