Lil Wayne Invests in Cannabis

Lil Wayne Invests in Cannabis - Dime Bags Blog

As the gates of the legalized cannabis industry swing wide for new companies, it's unsurprising that we're seeing celebrities jumping on board. While one may question how much of celebrity interest is simply using their big names to get a corner on a newly opened market, it's easy to tell when some of them have a genuine stake in it. Lil Wayne is one such celebrity, an outspoken supporter of the use of marijuana for many years. He has always loved that heady feeling that comes with great bud, and said that with his new brand, GKUA, he's "sharing a feeling that I love."

A Dedication To Potency And A Great High

GKUA Ultra Premium is the name of Lil Wayne's new company, inspired by how he "used to just want to get high." but now he "smokes to get inspired." His long relationship with marijuana makes him qualified to make serious decisions and judgments about the quality of the product he gets from suppliers. As a result, he's dedicated his brand to providing high THC products from experienced growers. Presently he's only able to supply those who live in the Los Angeles area, but by the end of next year, he hopes to be serving all of California.

An Inspiring Selection Of Foundation Products

The products already available from GKUA shows that Lil Wayne intends on following through on his promise of high potency bud. His line is doing more than just providing excellent smoke; it's also providing high-quality equipment to enjoy your new favorite brand of herb through. Available at the time of this writing are the following products:

  • GKUA Ultra-Premium Flower: Their line of strains are intended to be fairly exclusive, providing limited, potent, and difficult to find bud. HOLLYGROVE and UPROAR are the first ones available out the door, the first being exclusive to GKUA.
  • GKUA THC Vape: The vaping supplies from GKUA are purported to be only the best and come from organic sources. The potency they pride themselves on in their bud isn't abandoned for their CBD and THC oils.
  • GKUA Concentrates: THC levels found in their bud carry through to their concentrates, produced from some of the best cannabis flowers available on the market. It can be enjoyed either by adding it to the flower or dabbing.

Lil Wayne has stated that he hopes to develop his brand in coordination with musicians, songwriters, and models to create unique lines with their own distinct personalities. These collaborations will include a party where Lil Wayne and a host of other performers will appear known as the GKUA VIP Party. We feel that this line of ganja products is definitely one to keep your eye on. Its just one example of what we can expect from the future of legalized cannabis, high-quality brands with their own take on what makes the perfect smoke. Give it a try and grab one of Dime Bag's line of great bags to carry it around in style!

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