Introducing The Convoy and Rasta All-In-One

Introducing The Convoy and Rasta All In One

Looking to find the freshest Dime Bag drop currently available? Look no further, we’re excited to introduce you to two new bags. First on the scene is another addition to the Omerta family, The Convoy, a smell proof, lockable tote. Second is a new color for the fan-favorite All-In-One, Rasta. Third, are four new patches to match. All will debut this Friday, October 23rd at noon MT.

Transport Anything With Ease: Omerta Convoy

Our Omerta Cleaners and Associates are BIG boys, if you pack them up to the brim they can be pretty hefty to care around. That’s why we’ve made the Omerta Convoy, a tote with all the same capabilities as our Omerta Duffles but more compact. With carbon lining, you can reactivate whenever in the dryer, and smell proof zippers you can discreetly carry about 5 lbs of anything in the new Convoy. 

It also comes with a smell proof exterior zippered pocket and two interior zippered pockets. The 12x20x6 lockable tote also comes with our iconic hidden pocket. No one will know that you have a locked tote either because the Convoy also comes with Velcro at the top of the bag for extra security. 

In all black with a removable patch with zero branding underneath, no one will question what you’re carrying. And you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain either, as our Omerta Black is water resistant too!

Omerta Convoy | Smell Proof | Lockable | Tote

Let the Good Times Roll: Rasta All-In-One 

Our most popular bag in one of our most popular colors? You would think that we had debuted the Rasta All-In-One sooner than now, but what can we say, good things come to those who wait. This bag comes with your two padded interior pockets, a Rollies rolling tray, and the Omerta Technology smell proof pocket. Of note, the Rasta, in all of its beautiful tri-color glory, does not come with a front pocket due to stitching three different Hempster fabric colors together. 

The Rasta All-In-One will be available in all four sizes, 5”, 7”, 8”, and 10”. The 5” is so compact though that the entire pouch itself is smell proof. 

Rasta All In One | New Color | Dime Bags | Padded Pouch | Rasta

Four New Patches

We’ve also got four new patches that can match your Convoy and Rasta All-In-One perfectly. Say hello to our two new abstract 420 and 710 patches along with a Grow Your Own and Don’t Judge Me patch.

New Dime Bags Patches | Dont Judge Me | Grow Your Own | 420 | 710 | Patches

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