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If you’ve thought Dime Bags was JUST a bag brand, you’ve thought wrong. 😏 As our brand continues to grow, we’re excited to bring you new Dime Bags apparel to fit your alternative lifestyles. As of today, we are officially launching our newest line… drum roll please... Dime Bags shirts and tank tops! 

From classic logos, to dope artwork from artist collaborations, our Graphic Tees and Tanks bring you style, comfort, and that Dime Bags charm that you know and love. As always, our goal is to create fashionable, functional, high-quality, and eco-friendly products that you can be proud to wear. Frank-approved and ready for you to rep. 

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Dime Bags Tees and Tanks

While we are still primarily a bag brand, we are excited to expand our lines and create even more Dime Bags options! These graphics used to be exclusively for Dime Bags’ (super cool 😉) employees, and then we started giving them away as prizes for Destination Dime Bags. But with so many people hyped about these shirts, we wanted to make some available for everyone, because hey, why not spread the love?! 

Our first Graphic Shirt launch will include 3 iconic Dime Bags designs. The Dime Bags Side Logo shirt is better than your average graphic tee. Rather than having the graphic across the chest, we put it down the side of the shirt for a unique look. ‘Cause we don’t mind being different, and neither should you. 

Dime Bags Side Logo T-Shirt

Here at Dime Bags we believe that knowing your rights is an important part of our society. The 4th Amendment is particularly important to Frank, and “Come Back With A Warrant” is kinda his unofficial motto. So, we decided to slap our Warrant graphic onto a tee shirt so you can easily remember your rights, and share them with whomever may be bothering you. 

Dime Bags Come Back With a Warrant T-Shirt

Last but not least, we wanted to celebrate some of the dope art we’ve created with unique artists. The Dime Bags Owl Shirt comes from a design we collaborated on with the artist @InkRatz! If you’re diggin art like this, be sure to check out our Sticker of the Months and order from us every month to get a new kick-ass sticker from a variety of artists. BONUS: The Owl graphic will also come in a Woman’s tank top, so you can rock that sleeveless look too.

Dime Bags Owl T-Shirt

We make bags for EVERYONE with no judgement, and the same goes for our shirts. Dime Bags shirts come in unisex sizes Small through XXLarge to be inclusive of all people and body types. If you’re curious about sizing, don’t worry because we added a detailed size chart to each product page to make your ordering experience easy. 

As you all know, quality means a LOT to us here at Dime Bags. As we venture into creating new lines, you can ensure that our quality will not stray! Dime Bags T-Shirts are made from  pre-shrunk, 100% Soft Cotton, so basically, they’re super comfortable and perfect for daily wear (not to mention, GREAT for sesh fits) 😉. Not only are they super comfortable, but these shirts are natural conversation starters. When another Dime Bags fan recognizes your tee, there’s no doubt you’ll become instant buds. We don’t make the rules. Peep our new Apparel tab on the website to browse and stay tuned for more drops...

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November 17, 2021 — Jacki Stewart

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