How to Travel with Cannabis

How to Travel with Cannabis

Marijuana legalization is on the rise, with 11 states having total legalization (including recreational use) and 33 legalizing medical use as of July. While this is making it easier to travel with marijuana, the varying laws and guidelines governing marijuana in these states, and the US as a whole, can make it tricky. If you're considering traveling with cannabis or cannabis-related products, you're probably concerned about the legal element and potential risks involved. Dime Bags is happy to help by providing this handy guideline. Since things are frequently changing, be sure to do additional research to stay safe!

Being On The Move With CBD Products

As part of discussing cannabis and cannabis-related products, we felt it essential to start with CBD. These products, defined as those that have less than 0.3% THC by the Agriculture Improvement Act, have been legal on a federal level since 2018. As a result, you're able to have these on your person, in your car, or carry them on an airplane without concern of legal ramifications. The TSA has brought its policy into compliance with this by permitting hemp-derived products in your checked bags and carry-on items as well. Just be sure that your CBD products keep with all TSA regulations!

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Taking Marijuana To The Air

With the ongoing legalization of marijuana, it's essential to remember that it's still illegal on the federal level. As a result, it is not legal to carry marijuana beyond the airport's TSA Security checkpoints. In reality, TSA's attention to this matter is hit and miss at best, and it's hard to tell if it's on their radar at all. This fact has created some confusion about whether it's legal to travel with marijuana by air. We want to reinforce the critical point that air travel with marijuana is illegal by federal standards. 

Pot legality by state

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Driving With Marijuana

A significantly less risky way of traveling with marijuana is by car rather than air. It's important when traveling to pay attention to the legal status of marijuana in the states you're traveling in. Even in those states where it has been legalized for possession, being under the influence of marijuana while driving a vehicle is an excellent way to get a DUI or related charge. The best way to take your marijuana on a road trip, regardless of state legality, is to keep it securely stashed away when you're moving and to only smoke once you arrive at your final destination. 

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A Quick Note On International Travel

The majority of places in the world still have marijuana on their list of illegal substances. If you're crossing into Canada, on the other hand, you have to declare your marijuana at the border. You can't enter Canada with marijuana by plane, but it's perfectly legal to do so by car. You must declare it at the border to prevent any legal ramifications.

So there you have it, a quick and dirty guide to traveling with cannabis and cannabis products! This small guide is a great way to start, but we do recommend that you do your research on the laws that govern the places you'll be passing through on your journey.

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