BLM at DimeBags

We've had a few Dime Bags followers reach out and ask how we're supporting the Black Lives Matter movement as we've been reposting BLM content. First and foremost, we're glad you asked! We are always interested in having a real dialogue with our customers, especially in regard to important current events.

Since 2008 Dime Bags has been challenging authority and the abuse of power. We know that police abusing their power is nothing new; since day one we have included a card explaining your 4th Amendment rights in every Dime Bags sold! We believe that this in part educates our fans about their rights when it comes to interactions with police. This is exactly why we created our popular “Come Back With A Warrant” patch. But we do realize that in the last decade, things have progressively gotten worse and have become more visible to the public. So, recently, we have stepped up even more. 

To answer the question about what we are doing off the ‘gram, we have a few things going on behind the scenes and within our local community in Colorado Springs. Dime Bags has been donating services (graphic design, printing, etc.) to a local non-profit supporting BLM in the Springs. We have also been talking with our internal team about the importance of voting and how we can help eliminate personal barriers to voting they may be experiencing. We even encourage taking time off if needed on voting days, to make sure their voice is heard and counted.

Additionally, we’ve been discussing the way our privilege and unconscious bias affects our interactions both inside and outside the office. We understand that showing up on social media is a mere fraction of the efforts needed to provoke real social change and as a company we are trying to put our resources where our mouths are, so to speak. 

Currently, we're working on a BLM patch with a purpose, that you'll be able to see on the horizon here at Dime Bags. Our Patches with a Purpose donate 100% of profits to organizations making a difference. We are excited to share with you soon!

Lastly, we know that representation today is more important than ever. Our lifestyle photography you can see online and in our catalog will always feature a variety of races. Dime Bags has always believed that people shouldn't be judged- when it comes to practicing religion, being proud of your race, or who you love. Dime Bags is also proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our staff is made up of mixed races which help us take into account different perspectives, which we appreciate.  

We’re curious, as a business, how can we do better? What ways would you like to see us showing up more? We wholeheartedly welcome any ideas and feedback you have! We’re always trying to grow as a company and as individuals.

July 13, 2020 — Timothy Felkner

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