It’s April 1st, which means we are officially 20 days away from the greatest holiday ever… 420. We thought, why not celebrate every day leading up to 4/20? Our team here at Dime Bags put together a list of our favorite ESSENTIAL stoner movies to get baked to. So prepare your munchies, assume your couch potato position, light up, and get some good laughs from these classic stoner movies. 


Friday & Next Friday - This movie is a stoner classic with lines still being quoted almost 30 years later. If you haven’t seen this movie then you are for sure living under a rock. That’s the wrong kind of stoned. Ice Cube Friday series is worth watching while you enjoy your favorite smokables. Why did it take us 30 years to realize Smokey only needed $80 to pay Big Worm back the $200? Crazy!

Grandma’s Boy - A burn out game tester/developer has to move back in with his Grandma. Alex tries to stay true to his stoner ways while he tries to get the girl, develop his own gaming hit, and avoid getting on a gaming genesis shit list. You’ll recognize a lot of the cast members, many of them super early in their  careers.

grandmas boy

Dazed and Confused - Alright alright alright! If you don’t know the meaning behind one of Matthew McConaughey iconic lines and who did it before Kevin Hart then get with the program! Based in Austin, Texas in 1979, this film has all the traditional high school archetypes from nerd, jocks, slackers, and the hot popular girls. Hazing, Keg Parties, and Weed = Classic movie.

Dazed and Confused

Up In Smoke - Cheech and Chong are double OGs, triple OGs in the Comedy and Cannabis culture. They are credited for being some of the first comedians to incorporate weed humor and they did it in a time where weed was illegal everywhere. These gentlemen are pioneers and some could argue without their classic stoner movies we may not have the films we love today.

Up in Smoke

How High - 2 slackers ace their college entrance exams and get into an Ivy League College. Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man & Redman are the perfect duo in this early slam stick stoner movie. They make enemies with an uptight Dean of Students, and preppy pretty boy star athlete who becomes hell bent on kicking these two out of the school. “Test high, score high.” Right?

How high

Pineapple Express - Do we even need to explain this one here? Seth Rogan and James Franco come together to bring another classic comedy film. Seth Rogan accidentally witnesses a murder/cover up and it’s up to him and his less than bright dealer to stay alive and bring the truth to light.

Pineapple Express

Half Baked - Dave Chapelle has been in the headlines the past few years for his successful Netflix stand ups. Hate him or love him, he is considered among many as one of the greatest comedians to ever do it. Another movie about slackers and burn outs having the adventure of a lifetime, Dave Chapelle delivers a cult classic stoner film. During a time where medical weed was super new and still taboo.

Half Baked

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back - This movie is the most popular and known of the duo’s material. If you want to see how humor was done before SuperBad changed the game this is a perfect example of random slap stick stoner humor. If you’re curious about how they struck the first time, look up their previous movie Clerks and even the sequels Clerks II and Jay & Silent Bob Reboot.

Jay and Silent bob

Shaun of The Dead - Although this movie isn’t about smoking, it takes your traditional stoner slackers and throws them in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. If you like Horror movies and good laughs while you’re chilling on cloud 9, this is a great movie to throw on and enjoy. 

Shaun of the dead

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle - Although the sequels were not as well received this movie set the stage for the theme of “one crazy night”. All these stoners want to do is go to White Castle and satisfy their munchies. Life has dealt them a tough hand, no way that getting high and eating some mini burgers is too much to ask for.

Harold and kumar

Super Troopers - It took forever for a crowdfunded sequel and it’s still a sensitive subject to us. Let’s just stay focused on the one we loved. Pre- Reno 911 we had Super Troopers. A band of miscreants that should not have a badge at all are caught in the middle of a huge drug scandal they are desperate to solve in the middle of “nothing good ever happens here” Vermont. If you like beer and laughing, check out a movie by the same cast called Beer Fest (unrated version is the best).

Super troopers

Fast Times At Ridgemont High - This classic 1980’s American coming-of-age comedy-drama is full of love triangles and stoner antics based off of real-life adventures. Follow a perpetually stoned Sean Penn as he and his friends experience high school in Southern California. 

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure- When 2 bone headed slackers Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters created a band that shapes future and the evolution of the human race are about to fail their history class, they get a visitor sent from their future selves to help them pass. If they don’t pass, Keanu Reeves will be sent to military school by his dad meaning they won’t create the best band in the world and shape the course of humanity, The Wyld Stallyns. Check out the sequels to continue the adventure.

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Wayne’s World - Michael Myers brought us Austin Powers, Love Guru, Shrek, and so much more. When he was on Saturday Night Live they had a skit about Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, who had a show on Public Access cable. These two dimwitted metal heads must figure out how to get the girl, and take their show to the next level.

Waynes world

The Big Lebowski - “The Dude” is one of the greatest stoners in the history of film because The Dude abides, dude. Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski finds himself mistaken for a millionaire and gets forced into paying a debt he knows nothing about. So, sit down, light a bowl, and enjoy watching the eccentric characters of this cult classic.

The Big Labowski

SuperBad - Inspired by a “true story” about Seth Rogan’s life this movie changed the way comedy films have been shot for decades. 3 misfits in High School have one last chance to be cool and get laid before they are split up by 2 shipping off to college. In one night they have to deliver the booze to an end of the school year rager and become the heroes they were never supposed to be.


Idle Hands - If you like 90’s dark humor/horror movies this is one that not a lot of people know about. CULT CLASSIC! Plus it is one of Jessica Alba’s very first films! A serial killer pops up in a quiet California Suburb and wreaks havoc on some unlucky high school students in the midst of Halloween. Not only do they have to survive but it turns out the killer is one of them.

Idle hands

This Is The End - If you and your stoner friends got caught up in the apocalypse how do you think y’all would fair? Seth Rogan and company find out very quickly that Armageddon is real and they are anything but prepared. I wouldn’t want to go through the end of the world if I was high!

This Is The End

Scary Movie & Scary Movie 2 - The Wayans brothers create a series based on spoofs combining popular horror movies from the 90’s and early 2000’s. These 2 are the better of the series and worth watching if you haven’t or forgot about these classics. Check out “Dont’ Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood” if you want to see the same spoof montage making fun of 80’s and 90’s gangster hood movie.

Scary Movie

Dude Where’s My Car - “What’s mine say?! Dude! What’s Mine Say?!?! Sweet!” I don’t feel like we have to get too far into this one. Aston Kutcher makes what you can say is the funniest stereotypical suburban stoner movie of the century. If Kelso from that 70’s show lived in 2000 was a thing this is the closest you’ll get.

Dude where's my car

Honorable Mentions

Movies worth watching while you’re stoned. You might be surprised by who is in them and why you probably never heard of them.

  • Beavis & Butthead Do America
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Savages
  • Reefer Madness
  • Dogma
  • American Pie
  • Accepted
  • Observe and Report
  • Office Space

    Did we miss anything? Let us know what your favorite movie to watch on 420 in the comments. 

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