Dime Bags on the Low – Our Favorite Bags Under $30

What’s better than ballin’ on a budget? Basically nothing, except for legal weed, maybe. At Dime Bags, we keep our prices fair, and our quality unbeatable. We always keep our customers’ needs and interests in mind and aim to design fashionable, functional, and affordable products only. Here are some of our favorite bags that are under $30.

padded pouch

Padded Pouch

Our Padded Pouches are the best-selling in the entire industry and one of our most loved products. The Padded Pouch is available in 5”, 7”, 8”, and 10” – all for less than $30! It’s available in 18 different colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style just right. This guy is simple yet extremely effective, with heavy-duty zippers to keep things stashed safely in a padded interior. It’s the perfect bag for protecting your favorite glass bowls, money, vape pens, accessories, phones, and more.



Similar to our Padded Pouch but with a bit more style, the Zipline perfectly blends fashion forward thinking with functionality. Choose from five fun color combinations that will help you stand out from the crowd, while a smell-proof poly bag inside keeps you blending back in. It’s a simple design – a colorful accent zipper – that you can carry anywhere as a daily accessory, with plenty of room to hold your valuables. The Zipline is available in both 6” and 8”, allowing you to get just the right amount of storage space that you need.


One of our most functional products, the 5” Suitcase is there for you when you really need that extra bit of protection. It’s got a rigid exterior and form-fitting interior, making it great for glass pieces or anything extra fragile. With a super padded interior and heavy-duty zippers, you can feel confident that your valuables will stay in one piece in the Suitcase.

hip hugger

Hip Hugger

We just introduced the Hip Hugger, but it’s crawling its way up the best-seller ladder already because of its style, functionality, and price tag. It’s like the Fanny Pack, but with more compartments for better organization – we’re talking three zipper pockets altogether. It’s the perfect bag for stylish, hands-free fun all day.

Omerta Boss

We even offer some bags from our smell-proof Omerta collection at under $30. The Omerta Boss uses carbon lined technology and dual lockable zippers, making it completely stench free no matter how loud your latest pickup is. It’s like the cooler, wiser older brother of our original Padded Pouches. Keep your extra pungent pieces safe and secret in the 5” or 7” Omerta Boss.


Omerta Collector

Another member of the smell-proof family, the Collector offers 9” of padding to hold all your daily essentials in a fashionable black bag. There’s plenty of room to hold all your daily essentials, like your phone, wallet, headphones, herb, smoking accessories, and keys. Traveling lighter? Just roll up the dual Velcro strip for a more compact fit. And all without breaking the bank!

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