Father's Day Gift Guide

Best Bags for dads

Father’s Day is right around the corner, have you started shopping for the perfect gift? Father’s Day gifts can be hard to shop for, so we made you a gift guide to make the process so much easier! Get dad a new lockable fanny pack so he can keep his gear safe, or maybe a backpack for his commutes. Whatever you get him, he’s going to love it because it's from you (plus, who doesn’t love Dime Bags)!

Whether your dad likes to partake in the ganja or not, we have a variety of bags that are functional gifts he’ll love! Our Father’s Day collection has everything the dad in your life will need, from child-proof locking stash bags, to everyday life essentials. You can’t go wrong with Dime Bags! 

The Backpack | Stylish Organization

New dads and experienced fathers alike can agree that a backpack is a necessity! Hands-free, practical, and stylish, our backpacks are the ultimate companion for any dad to enjoy. From water resistant, to lockable backpacks, we got you covered. 🎒

Whether he likes to go hiking, or he just needs a practical bag to take to work, you really can’t go wrong with getting your dad a backpack. The Transporter is the ultimate Dime Bags Backpack. As it is a 100% smell proof backpack and equipped with a lock and key, this backpack is the dopest stash bag. The Transporter is almost always sold out, and for good reason. But lucky for you and your dad, they’re available right now! Run, don't walk! 🏃‍♂️

DIme Bags Backpack

The Outfit | Smell Proof Fanny Pack

This ain’t your average dad pack, this is a COOL fanny pack. Seriously, this smell proof fanny pack is loaded with dope features like a hidden interior pocket and 3-digit locking zipper. Whatever he keeps in The Outfit is going to be discreet and secure. 😎

Coming in 3 water resistant colors - Black, Green, and Camo - The Outfit is not only a convenient bag, but a stylish accessory. The Outfit can be worn as a classic belt bag or across the body if that’s more his style. There’s enough room inside to fit anything your dad needs, his phone, wallet, and even his special flower. 

Dime Bags Smell Proof Fanny Pack

The Bi-Fold Wallet | RFID-Blocking Wallet

Every dad needs a wallet, right? This bi-fold is going to be their new favorite! With an impenetrable RFID-blocking exterior, scammers will be stopped in their tracks and your dad's moolah will be safe and sound. This wallet is slim enough to keep in a pocket, but has plenty of card slots to keep stuff organized. 💳

The Bi-fold is classy, practical, and comes in 6 eco-friendly Hempster color options. This baby also comes with a removable patch label, so make sure you grab him some customizable patches to personalize his wallet with! 

Dime Bags Wallet

The Don | Smell Proof Crossbody 

The perfect crossbody bag doesn’t exis- oh wait, it does! The Don is a 100% smell proof crossbody sling bag. It’s cool, compact, and super functional. Whether you’re shopping for a new dad, or your grandpa, everyone would enjoy the practicality of The Don. With one strap, this bag can be worn as a crossbody and swung from ther back to the front with one swift motion. Perfect for taking the kids to the park, going to a little league game, or just running everyday errands! 

All your dad's essentials will be organized easily in one of the 9 - yes we said 9 - compartments! They’ll have enough space for everything they need and more! The Don comes in 3 sleek water resistant Omerta color options - Black, Green, and Camo - and is equipped with carbon filter technology to keep any dank smells locked INSIDE.🍃

You’re automatically a badass when you wear The Don. We don’t make the rules. But we do know that the dads in your life would think this bag is pretty dope. If your Dad doesn’t NEED a smell proof crossbody bag, but still would like a dope shoulder bag to organize items on his body, check out the Slinger. It’s the perfect combination of stylish and easy to carry. 

Dime Bags Smell Proof Cross Body

The Duffle Tube | Glass Protection

For the dads who have valuables to keep protected, look no further than the Padded Duffle Tube! These duffle bags are stylish and functional, lined with a shed-proof velour to keep his glass or other goodies safe. These highly padded bags are great for holding camera lens’, smoking pieces, or pretty much anything they don't want to break! 

The Padded Duffle Tubes come in 3 sizes - 10 inch, 15, inch, and 17 inch - and a large variety of both Hempster and water resistant color options to fit any kind of style. If they’re looking for ULTIMATE protection, we recommend getting them The Brigata, which is the smell proof and combo lock lockable version of the duffle tube. 🔒

Dime Bags Duffle Tube

Which Dime Bag are you getting your dad for Father’s Day this year? 

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