What Our Fans Have to Say About Our Bags

Not to sound cocky, but we already knew we were pretty cool. Luckily, so do you! Over the years, Dime Bags has received much love from our customers, and your feedback helps us grow into an even cooler company (if that’s possible, anyway). Can we talk about how we have a 4.8/5-star rating on Facebook? Here’s what some of our fans have to say:

Designed for Stashes, Useful for Everything

“I’m so happy with my bag… I didn’t know what I was buying in the heat of the moment. I saw it at my local tobacco store and thought it was cute! Then I started to read about it and I laughed my a** off at what I had just bought… It’s well worth the price even if I don’t have certain “valuables” for the bag it’ll still protect my phone! I highly, highly recommend this bag to anyone! Regardless of the reasons. All the bags are nice and I loved every single one I looked at.”

dime bags 5 star bags

Convenient In-Store Purchase

“I stumbled on this darling bag when I bought a pipe at my local head shop. I have several bags to hold my goodies, but this one is different. It’s well made, smell proof and absolutely adorable! I didn’t know what I had until I checked the website and saw the customizable patches and the secret stash pocket. And it was so affordable! Thanks! I can’t wait to check out the backpack!”

Great deals. Awesome sales. Easy experience.

“This was my first purchase. I was stoked to get 42% off, which was amazing! I just received my Club Kid backpack and I’m in love with the brand! It was a great experience. The bag has so many compartments that will keep me organized. Can’t wait to use my functional bag.”

dime bags ratings

Top-Notch Customer Service

“I have had a little Dime Bags for a while now and it carries my rig flawlessly, so when 4/20 came about I jumped at the sale! I swooped a Conversion Tube for the big ol’ bong, and also ordered a “patch” to customize it a little… They forgot my patch. After a little email/phone tag, Dime Bags not only addressed and fixed the issue but they took care of the “troubles” of not getting all my items as well… THANK YOU!!!”

Convenient for Daily Use

“I absolutely love my Dime Bags Backpack. I take it everywhere with me. I feel naked without it. If you haven’t had a chance to own one, take my word for it and go get yourself one now. You won’t regret it. I have had the bag for a little while and just discovered a secret pocket in the bottom of the big pocket… it made me more in love with it. I pretty much have something in all pockets of the backpack. Love the Dime Bags.”

5 star bags

A Product for Every Purpose

“This perfect handheld pouch is something you can take everywhere with you. With the convenience of the interchangeable Velcro patches they have to offer, at a reasonable price too, this allows you to take something that risks judgement upon yourself between others, to balance out the vibe it sets off… In other words, the 7″ Padded Pouch is perfect to hold all your cash, cards, pictures, and even glass if you just believe!”

Quality Products With Room to Spare

“I have had my Backpack for 5 years and this thing is the Chuck Norris of backpacks. I have traveled from Hawaii to New York and everywhere in between. It has been camping, fishing, hiking, snowboarding and mountain biking, and it just keeps on going. Got it nasty dirty on a recent trip and when I got back I threw it in the washing machine and it came out looking almost brand new… Keep up the good work and amazing products!”

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