Does Cannabis Help PMS?

Does Cannabis help with PMS? is often a question weed enthusiasts get. The delightful green herb we all know and love has a host of effects it brings to the table to make our lives just a little bit easier.  Lighting up brings benefits that calm the mind, soothe sore muscles, pacifies anxiety and stress, along with a host of less definable results that make our day better.  If there has ever in the history of the world been someone who can benefit from all of these effects, its women currently being assailed by PMS. Thankfully with the legalization of marijuana, more and more women are able to take advantage of the soothing effects of ganja.  The question that remains isn’t whether or not weed is good for PMS, but how best to utilize it. CBD vs. THC The first question that many women seeking help from the green god for their pain is whether CBD or THC is more effective as a treatment.  The fact of the matter is they both bring something to the table, and for those in states where THC isn’t legalized CBD may be all they have to rely on.  Thankfully CBD does bring something to the table in the battle against PMS, mostly in the form of pain reduction. THC, on the other hand, plays a bigger role than just dulling the pain sensation.  It also attacks inflammation, a major source of discomfort during PMS. This means that rather than just dulling the sensation of pain, it actually tackles the source of the pain and helps actually alleviate it.  There are few who would argue that not feeling the pain is better than simply not experiencing it in the first place. The main issue with THC is its psychoactive effects and how you respond to them.  If your strain of choice leaves you with a serious case of couch lock, it's probably not going to be a viable solution during your workweek. So How Do I Use It?! Alright, we get it, you want a quick answer so you can get the red beast under control, and while we’d like to give you a straightforward answer a lot depends on your physiology.  Many women experience anxiety during their period, and THC has been shown to heighten this experience in some users. CBD, on the other hand, will help reduce the pain and can soothe moodiness, but it isn’t going to be as effective as the whole range of natural chemicals found in the whole herb.  If you’re trying to tackle the full scope of symptoms, including painful cramping, you’re going to want to look into a strain of ganja that’s high in THC. While how you can best use weed to control your time on the cotton pony is going to be something you need to experiment with (oh darn) one thing is certain;  Marijuana is a powerful way to tackle all of the symptoms that come with PMS and there’s growing evidence to back it up medicinally. There’s even a growing body of products on the market specifically targeting those using THC and CBD to control their symptoms. Additional reads: 12 Ways to Use Cannabis for a Less Painful Period Does Cannabis Help or Hurt Anxiety?  Recommended Items: Small Multi-Purpose Small Multi-Purpose        

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