A Complete Novices Guide to Dabbing

With the rising tide of legalization for both medical and recreational use marijuana is beginning to be as American as apple pie.  Smoking and vaping are the most common methods of imbibing marijuana simply due to familiarity and the straightforward nature of dosing.  Edibles are becoming more popular but they traditionally have been harder to find and were therefore unreliable.  The rise of dispensaries has made them far more accessible to the general public, and you know there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about pot brownies.

New On The Scene, Dabbing

So with these familiar forms of consumption where does dabbing come in?  It’s certainly the newest way of consuming marijuana that’s available, and its use is certainly still controversial.  But, what exactly is dabbing and how is it done? We break it down in this guide.

Unraveling The Mystery Of Dabbing

When cannabis oil is concentrated down and put on a hot surface it vaporizes into an inhalable gas.  Hash oil has been consumed by placing it in a joint or on a bowl of weed for time out of mind, but this way you get nothing but the pure essence of the oil.

How Does Dabbing Work?

To start dabbing you must first create a concentrate of cannabis.  This is done by taking the essential oils that naturally occur in the cannabis plant and processing them using some form of solvent. The resulting product is known by many names and comes in a variety of physical forms.  What form it takes is largely determined by how it gets extracted from the plant.  There’s keef, rosin, live resin, wax, bubble hash, and shatter, just to name a few. What doesn’t vary between them is that they are all incredibly pure forms of THC, nearly 50-95% depending on the particular form it takes. This concentrate instantly converts into a vapor that is both potent and flavorful when placed on a sufficiently hot surface.  The pipe used bears many resemblances to a traditional bong, but isn’t one. Dab rigs have a quartz or metal piece that gets heated to vaporize the concentrate, and a torch that heats that piece up.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of potential punch in concentrates, and that level of high isn’t something everyone is ready for the first time.  Realistically the only major issue the possibility of getting the spins or finding yourself inexorably drawn to the nearest couch.  The best way to avoid these risks is to take care to consume a small amount your first time.  Start by deciding how much looks safe, and then halving it.  Worst case scenario you dab both bits, the best case is you avoid an unfortunately unpleasant high. Many Dime Bag owners transport their dabbing rigs using our great line of products, and we can hardly blame them.  Dabbing rigs are a bit more expensive than traditional bongs so it makes sense to get the best protection you can for them as they’re being transported to your favorite spots.  If you haven’t tried dabbing, we suggest giving it a go but take care of doing so.

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