Cannabis Drug Testing in the Workplace

Now that Cannabis has becoming legalized in so many states, there’s been a growing question about whether companies in those states where it's legal should be able to test for drug use.  There’s a lot of opinions out there on this topic, and plenty of good points being made all around. Rather than settle on a single point of view, we’re going to try to cover a few of them and see where the conversation takes us. Safety Considerations In Jobs Where It's Required So we’ll start with one of the biggest concerns about those people interested in keeping cannabis drug testing on the books in those states where it’s legal.  The philosophy is If your job performance and the safety of others could be impaired, then you should be drug tested. This is a solid point, especially in the case of airline pilots, professional drivers, forklift operators, train engineers, and the like.  We can respect this opinion because it’s clear that their hearts are in the right place, but we’re not sure if we 100% agree with it. Not everyone responds to marijuana, or different strains of it, the same way. On top of that, employers don’t test for alcohol use, and that’s a potentially much larger problem. None of Your Business This is the one we hear most out of the mouths of those who enjoy a toke now and then, and we get where they’re coming from.  It’s bad enough that your company gets a say of what you do on the clock, drug testing smacks of them controlling your life when you’re off it too.  This point of view is all about privacy, and that’s something we can get behind. An oft offered middle-ground is to have the employee tested in the event of an accident, and if its present have an inquiry done to see if a direct link can be demonstrated. Its The Companies Right This is where things get hairy and we're not sure exactly how much we could support this philosophy.  As a cannabis centered business, our opinion is likely a little skewed on the subject. If we were testing our employees for drug use, we obviously wouldn’t care if they popped hot.  The question, then, is whether or not that means that other companies shouldn’t have the right to set their own standards regarding pot use. The biggest issue we have with this can be boiled down to: “If it doesn’t affect the job, why do you care?  If it’s being done off company grounds, why does that bother you?”. So those are our thoughts on this controversial subject, but we’d like to hear from our customers and readers.  What do you think of the above? Should employers be allowed to test for pot in states where it’s legal? Should they only be allowed to do so in cases where safety is a concern?  Should we just let each company decide for themselves and spend our money accordingly? Comment below and let us know! Additional reads: US workers are failing drug tests at an incredible rate — but legal weed has the future of these screenings in doubt

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