Where Did The Dime Bags Name Come From?

Whats a dime bag? Our fans want to know, where our name, Dime Bags, come from. Were proud of how Dime Bags has blossomed into a beautiful business and to say thanks were giving you the inside scoop about how we came up with our trademark brand name.

We love our fans and customers for many reasons. One, they have a great taste. Two, they know who makes the most dope protective cases for their pipes, bongs, and rigs. And three, we love watching their stories on Instagram, true story.

Our followers send us tons of love letters and questions all the time, so we wanted to reply to one of the most popular questions we get. We could totally message each of you individually the answer to this popular question, but let’s face it. A blog post is just easier. So, what’s the most popular question we get?

Where Does the Name Dime Bags Come From?

Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Maybe some of the younger crowd might need some ‘splainin’ though so we’re going to lay it out for you with this Willie Nelson quote from his cameo in the epic Dave Chapelle stoner movie, “Half Baked.”

I remember when a dime bag cost a dime! You know how much condoms cost in my day? Yeah, me either, we didnt use em!

Well kids, first of all, use protection. Second, we’re not sure a dime bag ever really cost ten cents, but maybe you get where we’re going with this. A dime bag is a $10 bag of weed, dope, ganja, pot, sticky-icky, or whatever the kids call it these days.

What’s so great about a dime bag? Why not name the company “”Eighth-Sack” or “Quarter-bag”? Here’s why. We come from a background of hard-working folks who didn’t always have an extra $60 for a quarter bag of danky-dank.

We remember the days of scraping up quarters and cruisin’ through the hood to get a fat sack that was just enough to roll up about one or two blunts. Get 2 or 3 friends with a couple extra bucks together and you’ve got yourself a good time!

Do they still call them dime bags now? Not so much. Now that the world is going legal, cannabis culture has changed. Today you can order good bud by the gram and have it delivered to your door like pizza. They’ll even tell you how much THC is in it and what wine goes well with each strain and everything! We’ve come a long way family!

Well, what we can we say? We stay true to our roots here. We may not be scraping up dimes for a dime bag these days, but we don’t forget where we came from. And our name reminds us every moment of what it took to get here.

We’re proud of our roots and where we are now. We love the Dime Bag concept so much that our mascot is modeled after a dime. We call him Frank and he’s modeled after FDR from the ten cent coin.

We like to think Frank keeps us safe and watches over us when we sleep. Frank also likes massive dabs and fried chicken on waffles and we think that’s pretty dope too.

That’s it friends. There you have it. Dime Bags is named after an old-school term for a $10 bag of weed. Until next time family, be cool, keep calm, and use protection with Dime Bags.

**Side note: from the CEO: “I get the luxury of saying I once sold Dime Bags in the halls of my High School, I now have the luxury of saying, I sell Dime Bags in Every Zip Code in America”. Tim Morrissey – CEO

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  • Haha, that was pretty cool! That sure what they called it back in my day!

    Gabi Wenzelow

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