Best Dime Bags for Adventure

Best Dime Bags for Adventure

Summer arrived and is already coming to a close, but this Labor Day weekend you can still get out and enjoy the wonder of nature. It’s typical to now carry around hand sanitizer and masks in our go-to kit, along with our favorite samples of our stash. But what if you are hitting the road for a couple of days and need more than just a pouch or a fanny pack? You can count on us to have the answer. Be prepared and looking good for your three-day weekend journey wherever you might go.

Conversion Tube Bag

This bag is the ultimate in glass protection and durability. Our Hempster™ durability provides a stylish design to create a bag that’s perfect for taking your glass on the road. The Conversion Tube comes with a heavily padded insert that will stand up to the bumps and shocks you’re sure to encounter. Need more space? The insert comes out and gives you all the room you’ll need for important supplies. This trusty guardian of glass comes in two sizes, 18 and 23”. Who said size doesn’t matter?

Conversion Tube Adventure Bag

Convertible Duffle Backpack 

The Convertible Duffle Backpack is the perfect bag for the entrepreneur on the road, with ample space for all of your electronic supplies, weekend clothes, and souvenirs. Its unique design makes it able to function like a top-opening duffle for quick access, while also being a comfortable and roomy backpack. You never have to choose between tech, comfort, and room with this bag. It’s even got a built-in external USB port that can connect to an internal power-pack so you can charge on the go.

Convertible Duffle Backpack


During your journeys, you may need to quickly snag your bag and go, and for that need our slinger has you covered. Its single strap design makes it easy to throw over your shoulder when you gotta dash. For a shoulder bag, the Slinger has plenty of room too, you can keep a water bottle in one of its many pockets, cell phone in the front, and hand sanitizer in the top small pocket. Four of the colors are resistant to water as well, meaning you can take this guy on your wetter adventures too. 

Slinger adventure bag


Our All-In-One is our best-seller every day of the week. And it’s no wonder why! With a durable hempster™ exterior and features like a smell-proof Omerta pocket, hidden rolling tray, along with hefty padding, it is the perfect companion for the smoker on the go. We recently did a challenge to see how far you could drop or toss one of our Padded Pouches (without the tray) on our TikTok. It’s fair to say that the Padded Pouch can be dropped from a roof and still keep your glass intact.

All In One Padded Pouch Adventure Bag

Classic Backpack

Our Classic Backpack is named so for a reason! This was one of our first bags and it has stood the test of time thanks to its many pockets, hempster exterior, and ability to strap nearly anything on it with its side straps. The perfect companion for hiking or day-tripping, you can fit all your needed essentials in this big boy. Even if you’re headed on a tech-based trip, you can keep up to a 17-inch laptop, mouse, controllers, and more in the classic. With loads of pockets, you’re never going to run out of ways to keep yourself organized. With the edition of our Water-Resistant line, you can also keep your belongings dry during wetter adventures.  

Water Resistant Backpacks for adventure

Omerta Bags

When you need to ensure that you’re traveling under the radar, our Omerta line is exactly what you need. The carbon-lined material ensures that even the most pungent herb will go unnoticed by whoever is sniffing in your business. The zippers on this line lock uptight, ensuring you can protect your stash and your gear from nosy people with no respect for your privacy. The bags that lock also ensure that there can be no argument that your bag was closed and everything out of site from the pesky fuzz.

A special shout out to the PERFECT Smell Proof AND lockable adventure bag, the newly debuted Omerta Fanny Pack, The Outfit! This bad boy stays on your body and keeps prying eyes out with its 3 digits locking code main compartment.

Outfit Omerta Lifestyle Adventure Bag

Dime Bags continues to be proud to supply top of the line gear for the discerning cannabis enthusiast and nature lovers. While you’re putting together your trip to escape cabin fever and embrace the great outdoors this labor day, add one of our durable and trusty bags to your kit. We hope to see you out there! (From a safe distance, of course.)

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