Best Smoking Practices While Under Quarantine

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With the Coronavirus starting to put a severe crimp on our social circles, we here at Dime Bags thought it was time to put together a guide to toking safely. Every day we get new reports of public venues getting shut down, and age-old practices among smokers are becoming less safe thanks to the spread of the bug. We put together this following guide to help our customers stay healthy while enjoying their favorite recreational activity until the pandemic passes. Consider the following safety tips while keeping chill during the breakout.


Puff Puff Sterilize!

If you're still gathering with friends, you're going to want to add a step to the old puff-puff pass policy. Along with not camping the pipe, be sure that you sanitize it between users to help prevent the spread of Corona. Unscented alcohol wipes should go a long way towards keeping you and your fellow smokers in the circle safe. It may also be wise to avoid bubblers since the virus could take up residence in the water.


Better Still, Puff Puff Get Your Own

Even better than puff-puff pass, have everyone bring their own smoking device and share the herb among all of you! It may lack some of the communal feel of the old puff-puff pass tradition, but it can do a lot to keep everyone safe. Even better, it'll give everyone a chance to show off their favorite piece with an audience that can appreciate it!


Group 4:20 With Digital Calling

If your group is scattered around the country, or you're all on lock-down due to quarantine, this may be your best option. You'll all be able to see each other's faces and enjoy the companionship that's so important to a good smoke out without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Be careful! This one could become a habit even after the outbreak passes! 

Get Your Gear Through Online Stores

If you're in need of additional gear while you're waiting out the quarantine, reach out to your favorite online stores. It may be worth investing in some disinfectant to hit them with before bringing them in the house as well. You can never be too careful. By ordering online from places like our Dime Bags catalog, you'll be avoiding being exposed to the Coronavirus out on the street. Why take unnecessary risks when you can just have it delivered to your door?


These are all great ways to keep yourself safe during the Corona outbreak. For all our levity, this is a serious situation, and we want all the members of our customer family to play it safe until the risk passes. Practicing safe toking is just one way you can prevent yourself and those you love from becoming exposed. Regular hand-washing, not sharing smoking devices, and avoiding crowded areas are all important parts of staying healthy. Keep clean and keep safe Dime Baggers, we want to share a toke in person with you when this whole thing passes.


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