Updated April 2024 - Sticker of the Month Prize Announced! 

For 2024's grand prize were giving out a $1,000 shopping spree at Dime Bags.com! One lucky fan that collects all 12 stickers and posts the photos at the required time, will get score $1,000 worth of Dime Bags in early 2025. Want to learn how you could win it? Continue reading below and find out how. 

In 2020, we rewarded one lucky fan the most
exclusive Dime Bag on the planet, a backpack with a custom interior lining, priced at $10,000. Only ten of these bags are in existence; they feature the sticker artwork that debuted throughout 2020 as Dime Bags’ Sticker of the Month. By collecting our monthly stickers now, YOU can have a chance to win 2024’s grand prize - a $1,000 shopping spree! ✨

Dime Bags Stickers

What is the Sticker of the Month Contest?

SOTM 2020

Be part of the most exclusive Dime Bags Inner Circle by collecting all 12 Sticker of the Months to win something amazing! All you have to do is collect all 12 stickers of that year, post on your Instagram profile, and use the appropriate hashtag #DimeBagsSlaps, and tag @DimeBags and you could win an incredible, exclusive prize. But wait, here’s the best part, EVERYONE who enters gets some dope goodies for participating. 😉

How Can I Get Stickers 

What’s so dope about the Dime Bags Sticker of the Month contest, is that any fan can become part of the inner circle that collects them all. Each month, a new sticker debuts that will go out with every single purchase made at DimeBags.com. No matter what item you buy, every order, from patches to Omerta Cleaners, will include that month's special sticker - for FREE! 

Do You Run Out?

But the stickers are limited - we run out before the end of the month, which means you should order early to guarantee a slap. The stickers eventually become available for purchase once back in stock and increases by five dollars every month after. You better set your reminders to place an order at the beginning of the month so you can get your free #DimeBagSlaps and a chance to enter our 2024 giveaway! ⌚

January 01, 2024 — Jacki Stewart


BillaMac said:

Do we post a picture of each sticker to IG as we obtain them or once we have all 12 required stickers?

Chrys said:

Missed my sticker of the month but slapped my dimebags logo sticker… With a wee bit of an upgrade to my tray…..



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