4 Purses We Can't Live Without

It can be tough to find a purse that meets all your needs: stylish, versatile, eco-friendly, comfortable. And while the bag world is littered with sorta-kinda-ok products, there is one line of bags that tick all the right boxes… and then some. Here are 4 Dime Bags purses you can’t live without.

Dime Bags Purse Urban Tote

Urban Tote

“Amazing.” “Perfect!” “Love!” “Stylish.” These are just a few adjectives people use to describe this next bag… presenting the Urban Tote. Tote around your laptop, personal essentials, and then some in this spacious, stylish bag. With a well designed adjustable shoulder strap, this tote can be carried across the body or on one shoulder comfortably — without pain or tension. Or carry it as a handbag for a quick pick-up-and-go errand. Its easily accessible pockets and smooth gliding zippers allow you to retrieve your secure items quickly. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach, a grocery store errand, or a getaway weekend with friends, this durable yet soft tote will aide in all scenarios life brings, while staying in style and organized.

Dime Bags Purse Multi Purpose Crossbody Bag

Large Multi-Purpose

With 4 colors to choose from, 3 exterior pockets with zippers, and an abundance of space to keep everything organized, this large, gender-neutral, multi-purpose bag is perfect for everyday outings and occasions. Have no worry of scratches, dents, or breaks while carrying around your valuable tablet, phone, or other gadgets. Its durable, padded interior is sure to keep your belongings safe and in top-notch condition. Plus, you can be hands-free and fashionable with its adjustable shoulder strap.

Dime Bags Multi Purpose Crossbody Purse

Small Multi-Purpose

If you are in love with the large multi-purpose bag, but don’t need the extra room… have no fear, for the Small Multi-Purpose bag is here. With all the same features of its bigger relative, this bag is small, lightweight, and comfortable to carry, with an adjustable shoulder strap. With a spacious and padded interior, you can remain discreet, knowing you have all your essentials at your fingertips. Perfect for everyday use no matter what the day brings.

Dime Bags Mini Messenger Bag

Mini Messenger

Imagine a bag that feels lightweight, and has the magical ability to be stuffed full without looking bulky — a Mary Poppins bag, if you will. Well, let me introduce to you to the Mini Messenger bag. Now, don’t let the term “mini” fool you. Within this bag there are two side pockets, spacious interior and exterior pockets, internal organizers, and a padded interior tablet sleeve. This bag has it all. Whether you’re commuting back and forth from the office, heading out for extended travel, or just out for a walk around the city or park, this bag will remain by your side.

The Perfect Purse for You

No matter the size, shape, style, or color, you can’t go wrong with any of these purses from Dime Bags.

The durable, eco-friendly Hempster blend — made of hemp and recycled polyester — allows you to have a bag that’s fashionable and practical. Each of these 4 bags contains a smell-spill-proof pouch, organic cotton lining, and interchangeable Velcro labels — so you can change up your style according to your mood and needs.

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