Our Favorite Patches for Valentine’s Day

Our Favorite Patches for Valentine’s Day

One of the things our fans love most about Dime Bags is how customizable they are. Did you know that all of our bags come with a removable, replaceable Velcro Dime Bags label? Even better, we’ve got over 60 other options for you to choose from in our shop. Not only can you pick the style, size, and color of your bag, but you can also personalize them right down to the label! Whether you’re giving a Dime Bags as a gift this Valentine’s day, or have a hunny who’s already hooked on their bag, show your significant other how thoughtful you are with a new patch that makes you think of them.

For Dab Kings and Queens 

Not only does this patch show that you support your babe’s total stoner habits, but it’ll also prove you have a sense of humor and can dish out a good pun every now and then – because who doesn’t love puns? Dabs are growing in popularity, and these patches have been flying off our shelves. Whether it’s bubble hash, shatter, crumble, or budder, we totally agree: it’s always dab time.


For Your Lady 

Show love for that special woman in your life with this simple patch! Totally embrace the power of femininity when you get your girl one of these. Not only is it cute, but it’ll bring that special “woman’s touch” to any Dime Bags.


For Your Man 

Pick up this patch to show your man he comes before all else. It’s a small move that will say a lot, and you two will be total #relationshipgoals with your “his and hers” patches.



For Your Love 

Choosing the perfect personalized patch doesn’t have to be stressful this Valentine’s Day! You can’t go wrong with this one – nothing says “I love you” quite like a heart. It’s cute and girly for your special lady friend, or gift it to your man and he’ll think of you whenever he sees it. Say what you’re trying to without any words with this classic symbol – it’s like a tattoo, but way less permanent (and way cheaper).


For LGBTQ+ Lovers 

Here at Dime Bags, we encourage you to show off your love loud and proud, no matter whom that’s with. Display this rainbow flag patch for a pop of color on any of your favorite bags. This patch adds a fun splash of color to our solid black Omerta bags in particular.


For Tree Huggers 

Our Tree of Peace patch is perfect for the earthy crunchy granola Valentines in your life. Haven’t you heard? Going green is now sexy! Show your love and appreciation for the world AND your significant other in one small gesture.

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  • It’s me again, “smoke buddy jr. Patch Pouch person.” I wanted to show you my small collection I have. I am such a fan of my Dimebags. I am addicted. You recently made me very happy with a small “zippered patch pouch” that you added to my order. I love it, I was looking to buy one and have not been able to locate it on the website. Just wondering also, if you have any more samples or promotional type products you’re looking to add?
    I would love to test them out for you. By the way, you should definitely add the zippered patch pouch to your inventory.
    Thanks so much again. I’ll be ordering from you very soon, so be looking for me (could be today,lol).
    Tony Smock

    Tony Smock on

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