Guide to Edibles

Guide to Edibles

Though smoking may be the most popular method for consuming cannabis, there’s tons of other ways that are gaining popularity – such as dabbing, topical creams, and especially edibles. People love edibles for their long-lasting effects, discreteness, and portability (keep ‘em safe in one of our smell-proof and lockable Omerta bags). Ladies and gents, welcome to Edibles 101!

brownie edibles

Types of Edibles

The most common type of edible comes to you in the form of a delicious brownie or other sweet treat, though they’re available as just about any food, drink, and candy you can imagine. Typically, people make weed-infused ingredients like cooking oil or butter – anything with a lot of saturated fat, since these fats are easily able to absorb THC for higher potency. That’s why baked goods like cookies and cupcakes make for great edibles.

Dosing Edibles

Knowing how much THC is in your homemade edibles can be close to impossible, so if you’re not purchasing from a dispensary with clearly labeled THC content, take it nice and slow. Also beware that edibles can take between 1-3 hours to even kick in, depending on how much food is in your stomach when you eat them (they’re more powerful when you’ve eaten less that day, but we suggest having at least a little something in there). The effects kick in as food is absorbed into your bloodstream, which happens as you digest it.

If you’re not feeling the effects after a while, your best bet is to wait longer than you’d like to. For us, we wait at least two hours to re-dose to avoid taking too much. While there’s virtually no such thing as an “overdose,” we’d rather avoid any chance of feeling paranoid or nauseous when the high hits you all at once.

guide to edibles

The Edibles Experience

People usually opt for edibles because of their long lasting effects (about 4-6 hours), making them great for both medicinal and recreational use. Suffer from chronic pain? Take an edible for hours of relief! Going to a festival? Take an edible for hours of fun! Lounging around at home on your day off? Take an edible for hours of Netflix!

We also warn you against taking edibles while drinking alcohol because of the way your body breaks down each substance. Alcohol increases the concentration of THC in your blood – the combo is known to give users the spins, which leads to nausea and a ruined night. If you’re gonna mix the two, try to keep it modest.

If you ever feel like you’ve taken too much and are starting to freak out a little, no worries! The best thing to do is to sit back, relax, and wait for the effects to dull down a bit. Our favorite solution? Just watch Bob Ross’s “The Joy of Painting.” Trust us, it works every time.

Edibles can produce an amazing experience, if dosed correctly and taken in the right setting. Remember, you’ll be high for a while! Though their portability is convenient for sure, be mindful to take them in a comfortable setting where you can chill out for a few hours. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your deliciously dank treat.

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