Canada and Cannabis – All You Need to Know

Canada recently became the second nation on Earth to legalize weed! Find out where you can smoke, grow, and buy weed in Canada legally and everything you should know about Canada’s new cannabis policies.

As of October 17 of this year, Canadian Parliament ruled to legalize cannabis across the board. 
Canadians nationwide can now toke up with the passing of Bill C-45, known as the Cannabis Act. The journey towards legalization started in 2015 with a campaign promise made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau’s pledge was to keep underage users from accessing marijuana and to reduce cannabis related crimes. While marijuana is now federally recognized as legal, it is up to each province to create the rules on how it will be regulated within their jurisdictions. Provinces have been given individual power to decide distribution policies, how and where it can be sold, who can grow it, as well as where it can be used in public, age limits, and the amounts that can be possessed.

This article covers the basic laws of cannabis use in Canada, as well as some differences within each province.

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 Can I Grow My own Weed In Canada?

So now that weed is legal, Canadians can just grow huge fields of it wherever they like, right? Well, not exactly. Parliament legislation allows for adults age 18 and up the legal purchase and possession of cannabis up to a limit of one ounce. The law also gives all the responsibility of creating systems to regulate cannabis use into the hands of each of the 10 provinces and 3 territories individually. In British Columbia, the law permits you to grow only where it is not visible from public spaces, and they have prohibited the sale of clones, allowing only government supplied seeds to be sold. In Quebec, Nunavut, and Manitoba, you cannot grow cannabis privately at all.

In all other territories and provinces, you are allowed to grow 4 plants per household for personal use only. And, the law completely prohibits you from selling any of your personal stash, as you would need a business license for that. Only licensed private retailers or government-run stores will be allowed to sell through brick and mortar dispensaries and e-commerce shops online.

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Can I Enjoy Weed In Public?

Since provinces regulate where weed can be enjoyed, the laws vary around the country. Some provinces prohibit smoking in public places and enclosed spaces, much like cigarette smoking. In British, Columbia consumption is allowed wherever tobacco smoking and vaping are allowed, but prohibited in any public areas that are frequented by children, such as parks, beaches, and playgrounds. Medical marijuana patients and dispensaries have been established in Canada for many years now, and cities like Toronto have become famous for their vape lounges. Toronto, Ontario became well known for its chill smoke out spots that function like a cafe where you come in and choose your seat, your desired smoking method and then sit back and get comfy.

As the new laws take effect, vape lounges are being scrutinized, and some of the provinces have regulated that no marijuana be smoked or vaped in enclosed public space. Those laws could close many currently operating vape cafes. On the other hand, some provinces are looking to bring in much-needed tax revenue from the vape café industry.

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Can I get a Marijuana DUI?

Driving under the influence of marijuana is still highly illegal across all of Canada. The fines and punishments for this offense just got even harsher. If you are caught driving and there is any slight reasonable cause for the officer to suspect you are high, you can be tested right then and there. What happens next will depend on your saliva. The officer can choose whether to test you with a pass/fail oral fluid test or to give you a standard field sobriety test. If you fail an oral saliva test, the officer can demand you give them a blood test within two hours of being pulled over. A blood test will give accurate blood levels of THC, and that is the determining number for your final charges. You can be fined up to $1,000 for having 2-5 ng or less of THC in your system. Anything over 5 ng gives you a mandatory $1,000 penalty, with escalating fines including jail time for repeat offenders.

Congrats, Canada!

While many celebrate the legalization of cannabis in Canada, others may have their heads spinning trying to understand the effects of the new regulations. For now, feel free to light up a joint and enjoy the benefits of national cannabis legalization! Thanks for reading! If you’ve enjoyed this content share it with others who might also like to read it. Remember to follow us on social media and drop us a comment below telling us what you think about Canada’s legalization of marijuana.

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