Have CBD Products Gone Too Far?

We want to address an issue that’s becoming more prevalent as CBD and marijuana, in general, becomes more legally available throughout the United States. The problem is that of CBD finding its way into everything to a ridiculous degree.  CBD is a valuable substance that can do incredible things for those who needs its medicinal properties, but that doesn’t mean it belongs in everything.  Below we are going to feature some of the more ridiculous products we’ve seen that have been marketed as containing it.

Carl’s Jr And It’s “Rocky Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight”
You knew this had to be the first one we tackled. Even if it did the amount of CBD it contains, 5mg a burger, means that it has absolutely no positive effects at all.  You will benefit neither medically nor recreationally from this burger; you’ll just pay into a marketing campaign that is almost clever, but is really just insulting.

cbd shampoo

CBD Shampoo For Dogs And Cats
We know that CBD can do many of the same amazing things for our pets that it can do for us.  The problem is that quantity matters, and imbibing is still the best way to benefit.  This means that doggy and kitty treats that contain CBD may help with anxiety and separation anxiety.  However, there is no benefit to be gained from washing your dog with CBD infused shampoo.  There’s no way to know how much CBD they’re getting through their skin (if any) and there are better ways to help administer it.  Even more importantly, CBD has no benefit as a shampoo, so why would try to sell it like it does?  Advertising, that’s why.

CBD Sleeping Masks
Look, we get it, CBD oil is fantastic and is helping lots of people.  However, there is no research to suggest that using CBD oil as part of a night mask is going to provide any real benefit.  As with the doggie shampoo, there is no way to accurately measure what minuscule amount you may absorb through your skin, and you’d be better off consuming it.  So why do these products exist? Marketing.

This is a growing problem in the CBD marketplace.  As research comes in and new uses for CBD are discovered, unscrupulous merchants are capitalizing on the hype.  If you’re going to invest in products like these be sure that you’ve done your research first.  Make sure that those doing the selling are reputable and that they’ve gotten good reviews.  You also want to ensure that they list how much CBD is in their products and what studies back up their claims as to the potential benefits of their product.  With major corporations leading the way we’re sure to find more products like these entering the market.  Stay skeptical, do your research, and make sure you stay informed about the latest news on CBD so you won’t be deceived.

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