Does Cannabis Help or Hurt Anxiety?

Some people report that marijuana helps soothe their nerves and makes dealing with the day easier. Others report experiencing paranoia and anxiety attacks from it.  Given that those who live their lives with anxiety don’t need any help with their condition, the difference is pretty critical.  We started researching the facts of the matter to determine whether marijuana was a panacea for anxiety-related concerns or one more way to set them alight.  If you’re wondering if cannabis is an excellent way to treat your anxiety, read on.

CBD And Anxiety
The first thing to understand is that marijuana has a variety of active compounds in it referred to as cannabinoids that produce its effects by interacting with receptors in the brain. All the strains on the market have different levels of each of them, leading to varying results in those who imbibe them.  The one that is known for treating anxiety is known as cannabidiol (CBD) and isn’t one of those that produce the high that many smokers are looking for. The good news is that this substance can be extracted from the plant, and is available in many places as CBD Oil.

What Is Anxiety?
The word anxiety gets bandied around a lot, and many people experience it as part of their daily lives.  The term describes a sensation of fear or worry, and it’s perfectly normal to feel it at some point.  When anxiety becomes a constant companion, it indicates that the individual experiencing it may have an anxiety disorder such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, among others.

How Marijuana and Anxiety Are Linked
So why do people describe experiencing panic attacks from imbibing cannabis if one of its active ingredients is great for treating it?  The answers to this question vary, but there are multiple factors at play.  These factors include the mindset of the individual while they’re under the influence of weed, as well as the environment that they’re in.  Another factor that plays a role is the particular strain in use and how it reacts with the chemistry of the individual. CBD oil is regularly used to treat anxiety without issue since it doesn’t have the other ingredients that cause concerns.

So Is It Safe To Use For Anxiety?
CBD Oil is safe to use for treating your anxiety and is regularly prescribed for it.  Marijuana, on the other hand, is going to be a hit and miss arrangement.  Some people will get great success using it to treat their anxiety; others may have to be careful about the strain.  Some research indicates that extended use of marijuana for treatment of anxiety can make it worse, especially if you suddenly stop taking it abruptly.

The best way to find out if cannabis is the right solution for your anxiety is to talk to your physician if you’re in a state where it’s legal for medical or recreational use.  If you’re not, then take care when being introduced to a new strain, and smoke in moderation until you know how you react.

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  • It has been a helper for me for damn near 4 decades and I will use it for as long as it is


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