What is 710 All About?

If you haven’t heard about the 420 holiday, it’s likely that you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades.  It’s one of the major marijuana holidays in the nation and continues to be the preferred date for hemp fests and other celebrations focusing on our favorite herb.  In recent years a new one has been coming up, 710, held on July 10th every year and its all about cannabis oils!  Whether you appreciate it for its oily fandom, its clever pun, or as another reason to enjoy a day of getting high and relaxing with your besties, 710 is a great holiday!

So What’s 710 All About?

710 is dedicated to dabs, oils, and extracts of cannabis, and got its name from the fact that it looks like Oil turned upside down.  The origin of the holiday is fairly vague, but is thought to be founded in 2012 with the 7/10 Cup, an event dedicated to oils and extracts.  With the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado it became easier to get your hands on these substances.  Prior to this the process involved in creating cannabis oils was dangerous due to its combustible nature.

Laws like those coming out of Colorado also ensured that the production of cannabis oils is safer due to the exclusion of flammable solvents. It also managed to make the results of this production of higher quality, so everybody wins in the end.

Just A Dab About Oil Day

The popularity of dabbing tells us this new form of imbibing THC isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Every time you drop a tiny dollop of this extract onto a properly heated surface it produces a potent high that hits faster and is perfect for those who are in need of quick relief.  Unfortunately its not for everyone, there are plenty of people who feel that the high heat involved in the process is too risky to bother with.

This is bad news for those medical marijuana patients who could benefit from this product, but the good news is new methods of ingesting them are coming out every day.  As time goes on we expect to see the attitudes about oil usage shift, and eventually we’ll see a simple and safe method of ingesting them come out that will help those who are squeamish.  The benefits of this substance are far too great for there to be any other outcome.

This 710 you should get out and try to hit a few events, or at least take the opportunity to try oil for the first time if you haven’t.  If you have, then try to introduce a friend to it so they can experience the gentle mellow high you only get with pure extract.  We’re excited to see these concentrates becoming easier to get and use, and we can’t wait to see what happens as their quality improves.  Take 710 and try all the newest concentrates and see how great a high can be!

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