What is 710?

If you haven’t heard about the 420 holiday, it’s likely that you’ve been living under a rock for the last few decades. It’s one of the major marijuana holidays in the nation and continues to be the preferred date for hemp fests and other celebrations focusing on our favorite flower.  In recent years a new one has been coming up, 710, held on July 10th every year and it's all about cannabis oils! 

Whether you appreciate it for its oily fandom, its clever pun, or as another reason to enjoy a day of getting high and relaxing with your besties, 710 is a great holiday! 🍯

So, What’s 710 All About?

710 is dedicated to dabs, oils, and extracts of cannabis, and got its name from the fact that it looks like Oil turned upside down.  The origin of the holiday is mysterious, it first popped up on Urban Dictionary in 2007 but referred to car oil and wasn't associated with cannabis until 2011. While the origin of 710 is a debate, it quickly gained traction within the stoner community. LA Weekly even came out with an article about it in 2013 titled "710 Is The New 420". Personally, we don't have a preference, we just think any weed-related holiday is pretty dope! 

710 friendly

The early days of cannabis oils and concentrates required a lot of tools and care to safely partake due to the combustible nature of oils. Thankfully, with the legalization of marijuana throughout the states, it has become easier to get your hands on these substances and the production of oils is much safer. These laws have also managed to make the results of this production of higher quality, so everybody wins in the end! 🏆

Just A Dab About Oil Day

The popularity of dabbing tells us this new form of imbibing THC isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Every time you drop a tiny dollop of this extract onto a properly heated surface it produces a potent high that hits faster and is perfect for those who are in need of quick relief.  If you’re new to oils and want to learn more about the uniqueness of dabbing and all its terms, we’ve found a list just for you! Check out Leafly’s breakdown on dabbing.

As time has gone on, the popularity of concentrates has changed the game of consuming THC. Where this used to be a fairly dangerous way to get high, we now have access to portable dab vapes which makes it easier than ever to partake in 710! 🖊

This community has grown rapidly over the past few years, largely thanks to the stoner community on social media platforms such as Instagram. We expect to see dabbing and the use of cannabis concentrates to grow even more in the coming years due to its strength and purity. Did you know that ONE dab is 4 times as strong as a joint? 😳

Dabbing Tools

This 7/10 you should get out and try to hit a few events, or at least take the opportunity to try oil for the first time if you haven’t already! We wish you all a safe and DOPE 710! 💨

July 02, 2021 — Customer Service

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