Shop of the Month – July

Every month we like to put together an article featuring one of our favorite shops, and this month that honor goes to Hollywood Smokin’.  These guys really know their glass, and stopping in will reveal a panoply of incredible accessories for getting your ganja on.  From hookahs and grinders to hand pipes and vaporizers, there’s nothing you can’t find at their New Jersey location.

They’ve been serving their community proudly for years, always being there to stand with them and provide them access to find smoking apparel.  Among the things they’re proud to host is fine glassware by masters of the art like Hamm Brushland of Waterworks glass.  This glass team has a reputation for beautiful and unusual pieces that are both inspirational and awe-inspiring.

Along with artists like Tony Kazimakis, Waterworks glass, and dozens of other designers Hollywood Smokin’ is proud to help this art form find its way out of the black market and into the hands of consumers like you.  The artistry that goes into pieces like those available at Hollywood Smokin’ should never have been held back.  They’re proud to carry them and make them accessible to everyone.

This is just part of their philosophy of trying to keep smoking accessible, something that has been held near and dear to the heart of Kim Betsh, owner of Hollywood Smokin’.  Part of her joy in running her store is that its controversial, and that’s just fine with her.  In a state where Marijuana has yet to be legalized her store is marketed as a supply store for tobacco or other herbs, but it’s clear from their 70s head shop vibe that they have another market in mind.

Her dedication doesn’t end with bringing beautiful glass work to her customers, she wants to make sure that everything she offers brings value.  She’s been quoted as saying “I’m not going to get ripped off” as this, in turn, will result in her customers getting ripped off, and she won’t stand for that. This philosophy extends to everything they sell, from lighters to vaporizers.

Speaking of vapes, their collection of juices and mods is nothing shy of impressive.  Those who come into the store are able to customize their vape juice options, altering the nicotine levels and flavors to meet their specific preferences.  While she still loves smoking cigarettes Kim has largely substituted it for vaping.  She appreciates that vaping doesn’t leave her vehicle smelling of smoke and eliminates the risk of burns and loose ash in her car.

If you’re looking for great smoke supplies from a conscientious owner that watches out for her customers, you want to take the time to stop by Hollywood Smokin’.  They’ve been working with their community for years to get supplies to their customers while guaranteeing everything available is of the highest quality.  Dime Bag is proud to be associated with this store and to have our products featured on their shelves, so stop in the next time your in the neighborhood and say hi to Kim and the gang for us!

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