Where to Buy Dime Bags in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The list of things to do and places to see in Colorado Springs is endless for any adventure seeker. Sitting at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, this city is known for its natural beauty, with landmarks such as Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, the Royal Gorge Region, and even our warehouse! Although Colorado Springs has chosen not to allow for recreational weed sales within city limits, have no fear! There are tons of retail stores nearby, and plenty of shops in Colorado Springs with Dime Bags merchandise to keep your new stash on the low. Check out the locations of all the retailers below here.


You have to stop by one of Freaky’s two Colorado Springs locations if you’re in the area. Not only do they have shelves fully stocked with glass pieces and smoking accessories galore, but their informative and experienced staff also does piercings and tattoos!


Movies, music, and games – oh my! Doesn’t end there, though. Independent Records also has gifts, books, and, of course, smoking accessories! This shop is known for its good vibe and helpful staff, so it’s no surprise that they get amazing ratings and tons of regulars.


This shop truly is the bomb. They have everything a smoker could ever need, and informed workers there to help you find it. Even better, they have such a huge selection that they’re able to keep their prices super low – and stay on the lookout of one of their regular sales that drop the prices even lower!


This locally owned and operated shop sells two of your favorite things – local smoking glass and coffee! Smokey Joes is in a great location, and also sells smoke apparel. Grab some snacks to go and throw ‘em in our new Dime Bags Backpack – you know you’ll need them later. 


For a welcoming and kind vibe as soon as you step in, stop by this shop and browse their collection of smoking and vaping supplies. Their staff is patient and experienced, and strives to match their customers with the right products for them.


This spot is perfect for any hookah enthusiast. The shop supports local glass blowers, so the pieces you find are sure to be pretty unique. With a great selection at good prices, Hookah Emporium remains popular among locals and tourists alike.


Another must see for hookah fans! This is a good place to chill during a vacation or after class for nearby students. They always have great flavors of high quality hookahs, and their kind staff helps to further set a relaxing atmosphere.


What’s cooler than a friendly staff, a huge selection, and great prices? The fact that Higher Elevation does glass piece repairs for their customers (and the fact that they sell Dime Bags, duh!). 


Elev8 Glass Gallery really knows what they’re doing. They offer custom engraving on their glass pieces, have bundles of items so that you can get discounts, and frequently choose “Products of the Month” from their huge selection. Stop by to see what’s featured today!

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