Can I Fly With Weed?

Now that weed is legalized in a growing number of states, more people are asking, “Can I fly with weed?” Find out if you can or can’t fly with your stash.

Thinking about flying home for Christmas with your favorite sticky buds to share with the in-laws? Think again…While it is now legally safe to smoke, eat, and carry weed in many states across the country, airport security still prohibits movement of your legally purchased weed from state to state via flying. The reason for this is that cannabis remains illegal under federal law, and airways are considered to be under federal jurisdiction.

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Each State has Unique Regulations

Cannabis laws vary greatly from state to state. While weed has been fully legalized for recreational use in ten US states and is medically legal in thirty-one states, there are on-going changes happening with marijuana laws nationwide. Vermont and Michigan are among the most recent states to allow recreational use and the first to do so through the legislative process rather than using ballot measures. In some states, such as Alabama and Mississippi, medical marijuana is permitted only for severe epileptic conditions. In Louisiana they have legalized medical marijuana, but not in forms that can be smoked. Only oils, edibles, and topical applications are permitted.

Four US states are currently voting in the mid-term elections to bring in various measures of legalization. As you can see, marijuana laws are changing rapidly and each state has constructed their laws in unique ways. Yet still possession of marijuana in airport security zones, and on airplanes, remains illegal. You can save yourself time and hassle by ditching or donating your weed at the door whenever you are traveling.

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Which States Allow You to Fly With Weed?

For those lucky enough to be hanging out in a state that permits recreational use, you may be able to bring your weed along for the mile-high journey. Here’s the catch: this is only sure to work if you are flying to another city within that same state. Oregon and California have both legalized airplane travel with marijuana, provided your destination is within the bounds of that law.

Of course, you must also be at least 21 years old and in possession of no more than the legal amount allowed in that state. Wherever weed is legalized, you most likely won’t be fined or persecuted for carrying it into the airport with you. Once you cross security lines, there is a chance that you could be asked to surrender your goods to authorities or be asked to dump it. Yet, some weed smoking travelers have reported that they were allowed to keep their medicine in hand if they had medical paper documentation and were traveling to another legal state, or were traveling within the same state. No, that doesn’t mean you can smoke out the airplane cabin, the mile-high club remains smoke-free for airplane safety reasons.

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When Not to Fly With Weed

Even though most airports are owned by the city they reside in all US airport security is controlled by federal TSA agents. Although searching for and finding weed may not be a focus for these agents, they can definitely still persecute you under federal law if they happen to smell it out. Yet, in most cases, agents have been known to refer to local law enforcement that can only persecute you based on local laws. If you choose to travel with your smelly green stash, consider packing up as discreetly as possible.

Protective carrying cases, such as the Omerta Smell Proof Pouch, can help your goods to blend in and also avoid any damage. If you are flying into a state that does not legally recognize cannabis use, definitely don’t bring any contraband with you. You risk being criminally persecuted under state and federal law for carrying illegal substances.

Even in states where cannabis is legally allowed, you still risk persecution by carrying weed past security zones or onto the plane. Laws are changing rapidly, and in diverse ways from state to state. Until we get legalization at the federal level, the Omerta line is your best bet to keep it on the down low. Stay tuned to our blog for more great content on cannabis on lifestyle.

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