What is a TSA Lock?

We value a lot here at Dime Bags. From sustainability (our Hempster material is made of recycled polyester and hemp!) to the latest fashion trends to our awesome customers, we are always working to improve our company and our merchandise. One thing we also really value is safety and security, which is why we bring you… TSA locks!

Meet The Soldier

Our brand new 6” and 10” Soldiers have a lot to offer. They’re completely smell proof, thanks to our carbon filter technology, and it’s heavily padded inside and out – with a pick and pull foam interior and super rigid exterior. The 6” Soldier can fit not one, but two of your favorite pipes, along with a lighter and the rest of your smoking accessories. The 10” Soldier is big enough for a rig or small bong as well, making it a popular choice for festival regulars. They’ve got one main zippered compartment and a mesh internal pocket, and, best of all, TSA three-digit locking zippers.

What Makes it TSA Certified?

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you know the headache that is airport security checkpoints. To ensure the safety of all travelers, the Transportation Security Administration (or TSA) screens all checked and carry-on bags before letting them onto an airplane. You place your stuff on a conveyor belt, and it’s screened through super fancy looking technology that gives the TSA workers temporary X-ray vision or something (right?). But sometimes, items need to be physically inspected. And it doesn’t matter if your bag is locked or not – you best believe the TSA is getting in.

The cool thing about a TSA lock is that they won’t have to cut your lock off in the chance that an agent needs to search your bag. The federal government agency has worked with several companies to develop special locks that can be opened by master keys. If you look closely at the locking system on The Soldier, you’ll notice a little red and white diamond shaped symbol on the right side – this is the Travel Sentry® Symbol, which is universal code for “Don’t cut me off, guy.” Travel Sentry has worked with the TSA to set the standards for approved locks, meaning airport security will have a key to unlock your Soldier if necessary.

Traveling With Weed

Laws surrounding cannabis can be super confusing. Some states allow adults to toke it freely, while others only allow it for medical use – and in a few states, medical cannabis is restricted to only allow for CBD products. But while state laws come in all shapes and forms, it’s important to remember that weed is still considered a controlled substance under federal law.

Airports might be owned by the cities they’re in, but it’s federal workers that operate it – so federal law trumps all in this situation. While you may have picked up some perfectly legal buds in Cali, it becomes tricky when trying to take them across state lines via sky.

Then again, the TSA’s main focus is preventing another terrorist attack. Agents are on the lookout for weapons, bombs, and other dangerous threats – not a doobie in your carry-on. But that’s not to say that they won’t care. Because it’s a federally illegal substance, TSA policy is generally to call in local law enforcement to deal with the situation.

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