Dime Bags are for Lovers

Love is in the air! …Or maybe that’s just a whiff of weed. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, be prepared to get your boo something that really says “I love you” (and it’ll help them out with that weed smell, too). Even if you’re your own valentine this year (we respect it), we know you’ll love our Valentine’s Day picks.

Magenta Rollies Pouch

Keep your relationship interesting by proving you’re still full of surprises! Our Rollies Pouch not only comes in a cute pink color to symbolize that soft and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re with one another, but it also comes fully equipped with a hidden bonus gift. Whip out the tray from the secret internal pocket to roll one together while at home or on the go. The Rollies Pouch also has two external pockets, a main compartment with two padded utility pockets, and a zippered pocket for total organization. This is one bag that will really prove you’re relationship material.

Red Hipster

What starts as a first kiss turns into a relationship, which can someday blossom into a marriage… is today the day you pop the question? And by “question” I obviously mean, how are you gonna wear your Hipster today? Symbolize your changing love life with this fashionable and functional favorite. Our Hipster can convert to a backpack, shoulder bag, or messenger bag – spice up your relationship and your wardrobe!

The Bi-Fold

Treat your date to a fun night out – and make it even better by surprising them with our new Bi-Fold! While other wallets can be bulky and get in the way of hand holding cuteness, we thought ahead and made this one super slim so you don’t have to ask, “is that a wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” It even comes with RFID-blocking technology to really show ‘em you care.

Omerta Capo

For the nights that you aren’t there to hug your hunny tight, make sure you leave them with something that gives them that same sense of security and protection. The Capo is part of the Omerta series, our technologically advanced collection of completely smell-proof bags. Send your sweetie a love letter in this envelope-like bag. It’s got dual Velcro enclosures to keep things sealed tight and secure, and the solid black fabric lets it blend into a crowd while also looking cool with any outfit.

Trying to win bonus points? Get your valentine a patch that makes you think of them for a killer unique gift. All of our Dime Bags come with removable Velcro patches, and we’ve got tons in stock for you to choose from. Does he love the beach? Check out our Sirron Norris Wave patch. Is she from the West Coast? Maybe get her our California Flag patch. Wanna show extra love but don’t know how? Our Heart patch is the pick for you.

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