Our Padded Pouches — What Fits?

The Padded Pouch is among our most popular products, and we believe that’s for good reason. Sure, they look great and come in a variety of stylish colors — 18 of them to be exact. They’re made from our Hempster fabric — a unique blend of hemp and recycled polyester. Yet it’s their versatility that we believe makes them stand out.

They come in four different sizes for your various needs. Of course, if you are a fan of recreational or medicinal herbal products, you have a good idea of what you might use these for; all but the 5” pouch come with a removable smell-and-spill-proof pouch that’ll keep your stinkiest herb from smelling up your surroundings.

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If you’d like even more discretion, consider our Omerta line of smell-proof pouches. They’re designed to transport Pepe le Pew (or other skunks) with their carbon-filter-lined construction, and come in the same four sizes as our standard pouches.

Store Your Herbal Gear

This is the most common use, so if you’re wondering, here’s a simple guide to what’ll fit. Each size is measured diagonally.

The 5” Padded Pouch – This one’s like the “dime bag” of Dime Bags. It’ll hold your essentials — a lighter along with a one-hitter. Throw in some rolling papers and you’re ready for an impromptu group sesh, too.


The 7” Padded Pouch – Like the wee-one above, this one holds your most-needed gear, but with a little more room for a small pipe to replace the one-hitter. This size also offers a pocket on the outside of the bag.


The 8” Padded Pouch – This one gives you a little more flexibility. It’ll hold your lighter and one-hitter, and it’s got enough extra room for a small pipe, too. If you’re the traditional type, our 8” Rollies Pouch even comes with a mini rolling tray in its own “secret” tray pocket.


The 10” Padded Pouch – Now you’re ready for just about anything. Throw in a couple small pipes and a couple lighters—now you have backup! Or, instead of two pipes, why not bring a small bubbler and enjoy water-cooled smoke on the go. And we know you’re a fan of hemp… How about some hemp wick? That’ll fit conveniently in the external flap pocket. As with the eight-inch size, we make a 10″ Rollies version of this one, too.

Not Just for Flower Lovers

The padded pouches are ideal for protecting your favorite glass and accessories on the go, but that’s far from their only use. The padding makes them outstanding for guarding any small, moderately fragile items and with four sizes available you’re sure to find one or more to fit your needs.

Starting with the littlest, the five-inch Padded Pouch, this is a great place to store your loose change and cash, but it’s also perfect for things like your earbuds, medication, lipstick or other small cosmetics… There are near-endless possibilities. Think of it as the perfect storage place for small items that would otherwise be easily lost or broken.

The 7, 8, or 10-inch Padded Pouches are great for your portable electronics. Depending on your phone’s size, the 7” or 8” are ideal for carrying and protecting a smartphone. An iPhone 8, for example, would fit in the seven-inch version, while the iPhone 8 Plus would be more comfortable in an eight-inch pouch. The ten-incher would hold a small tablet, or use it to hold your stash along with a pipe, lighter, your phone, and even your shades. 

With a little imagination, you can come up with hundreds of uses for these — storing your smoking gear is just the beginning.


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