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Dime Bags Padded Pouches are the best selling in the industry. Need we say more?…..We don’t really think so, but we will. Take this little gal with you wherever you go to protect your most valued items. This padded pouch is guaranteed to be more straight forward than pretty much anything else in your life, which is what everyone needs. What does this padded pouch consist of? Hemp – Recycled Polyester – 1 zippered pocket – mucho padding – rad colors – that’s it that’s all.

Whether you need protection for your favorite fancy glass, a place to stash the emergency snack money, or a safe pouch for your accessories – this petite princess can do it all. If you’re worried about her size, check out her older siblings.

We have a 7″, 8″, and 10″ Padded Pouch that can (will) suit your every need. With additional external and internal pockets, the Padded Pouch family has that picture perfect life. They live on the end of that cul de sac and throw a backyard BBQ every two weeks. Providing all the free food, drinks, desserts and games you could ever want, asking for nothing in return but your happiness and to just be your #1. They like the attention, but most of all they just want you to be as happy as they are.

Our customers love the this item to carry and protect glass, money, inhalers, accessories,  seashells, medication, snacks and more. Let us know what you use the 5″ Padded Pouch for! You can sleep easy knowing we’ve got your back.

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Additional information

Weight.10 lbs
Dimensions5 x 1 x 2.75in

Black, Blue, Brown, Concrete, Forest, Glass, Green, Grey, Magenta, Midnight, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Tan, Timber, Yellow

Other features
  • Durable Hempster Exterior
  • Padded Interior
  • Shed-proof Velour
  • 5" Diagonal Storage
  • Heavy-duty Zipper
  • Interchangeable Velcro Label

9 reviews for 5″ Padded Pouch

  1. RallySoob – Amazon Buyer

    Love it

  2. T. Gordon – Amazon Buyer

    Good size but is not smell proof

  3. Kelly price

    Can it fit a 4″ dube tube?

    • DimeBags

      Yeah, our 7″ Padded Pouch will fit a king size so this 5″ should be perfect for a 4″

  4. Margie

    just bought this bag in dark blue from a local music/skate shop. I don’t smoke (weed nor anything else. cant) but i do store my inhaler in it the irony. lmao fits perfectly and am in love with it i look forward to buying more things from here obvi not legit 420 stuff have no use for but the company i admire. I’m so glad i saw it in that store i like the product

  5. Cameron

    Got this 5′ pouch for my birthday at the local Gaspipe in Dallas. I love it and have it stuffed with all my on-the-go needs. The extra “Dime life” patch and two smell proof bags were a added treat and a major bonus. Dimebags dont change a thing.

  6. Patrick

    Beautiful looking bag and good to hear about the label. Do you guys plan on carrying the smell proof pouch for these anytime soon? I love your bags but I don’t really like the design of the 6″ bag and I don’t want to go much larger for a 4″ vape.

  7. Emily Ann

    Absolutely love my dime bag. I definitely see more in my future. Thank you all for a wonderful product. 🙂

  8. Kimmy Mac

    I bought this along with a Lifestyle bag and LOVE THEM! You guys realy thought of everything. The slot on the outside for a lighter is perfect, and not to mention the quality is as good as it gets. Even the zipper on this tiny bag is outstanding, it never gets caught on inner lining because it is so well done. HIGH Quality to say the least!

  9. Steven

    This little pouch is the perfect companion for any small pipe you have. I buy one everytime I buy a new piece. This pouch has saved a lot of my pieces when I take them out on the go. Amazing soft padding, more than pillow like, easy to clean, and a lighter pouch for all those toker’s who lose their lights! I WOULD DEFENITLY RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE WHO CARES ABOUT THERE PIPES!!

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