New Products Coming Soon

Spring is here! And with the new season comes brand new Dime Bags products. We are psyched to introduce you guys to these soon-to-be top sellers. As a company, we strive for perfection and actually listen to your feedback. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you soon:

The Soldier

The newest member of our Omerta collection, The Soldier is like a heavy duty lunch box – only for glass pieces instead of sandwiches (although you COULD use it for sandwiches if you really wanted to). The Soldier comes fully equipped with our iconic carbon filter technology, meaning it’s fully smell proof. For bonus protection, it comes with a 3 digit locking zipper, so it’s totally child proof and your stash will stay safe. The Soldier has a heavily padded pick and pill foam interior, so you can be confident that your glass rig is snuggled up in there with no chance of it breaking.

The Soldier comes in two sizes – 6 inches and 10 inches. The smaller one is perfect for pipe collectors, but if you’ve got a whole setup (dab rig, torch, wax, and dabbers), we suggest going for the larger size so everything fits like it should. To keep everything nice and tidy, The Soldier’s got a main zippered compartment and a mesh internal pocket for easy storage.

The Boss with Lock

Another addition to the Omerta line – The Boss with Lock takes a classic design and turns it totally epic. This bag features the smell proof Boss you know and love, with the added bonus of a three-number lock combination for the ultimate protection! Like all other Omerta bags, The Boss with Lock is smell proof – and with the additional locking zipper, it’s now totally child proof as well (pro tip: if you ever notice your Boss start to stank, just toss it in the dryer for a few minutes to refresh the carbon filter technology).

The Boss with Lock comes in four different sizes depending on your needs:

  • The 5” is perfect for a one hitter and an eighth of bud.
  • Upgrade to the 7” to hold your pipe and a quarter of cannabis.
  • The 8” can comfortably and safely store your bowl, lighter, and a half ounce.
  • Our 10” fits all the essentials – pipe, lighter, phone, keys, and an ounce of weed.

The Boss with Lock bags also come with internal and external pockets to keep everything in place. You can feel confident and stylish carrying this guy around with you all day.

The All-In-One Pouch – It’s Here! 

Torn between the smell-proof technology of our Omerta bags and the convenience of our Rollies Pouch? Get excited for our All-In-One Pouch, because this guy is for you. The All-In-One Pouch comes with a 100% smell proof pocket AND a hidden rolling tray – it’s got everything you need for the perfect smoke sesh. This new bag is designed to protect your most valuable treasures, offering convenient padded protection in four different sizes to fit your unique needs. Our 5” All-In-One Pouch is perfecting for storing your one hitter and lighter, or upgrade all the way up to our 10” Pouch to fit your daily essentials, like a pipe, lighter, sunglasses, and phone. To further customize, this bag is available in 18 different shades of our premium Hempster fabric. It’s sustainable, durable, fashionable, AND useful.

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