How to Choose The Right Bong

If you’ve never used a bong, otherwise known as a water-pipe, before you’re in for a serious treat.  The following guide will teach you everything you need to know to take advantage of the unique properties of a water bong and get the best possible smoke from it.  Below we’ve started with the most important part of the process, picking your first water pipe.

It’s Not Always A Matter Of Size

Some people who are looking for their first bong will make the mistake of looking for the largest one they can afford.  This is largely impractical for many smokers, and may actually result in you getting less out of it than you’ve paid for.  When deciding what size to get, consider the following:

  • Where Will It Be Stored? Large water-pipes can be hard to store, especially if you’re concerned about being discreet.  Think about where you’re going to store it and how easily it will need to be hidden before buying the biggest one you can.
  • Will It Suit Your Lifestyle?  Large bongs are hard to transport, and certainly, aren’t suitable for an active lifestyle.  Unless you only plan to use it at home and aren’t concerned about being locked to your couch, smaller may be better.
  • Will It Hit Like You Want? If you don’t take huge pulls you’re going to want a smaller water-bong. On the other hand, if you like doing monster hits then you may actually need a large one. Choose wisely.


Durability Matters

If this is your first time purchasing a bong you’re going to want to go for one that is durable.  Experienced smokers may opt for a fancy piece that’s relatively delicate, but most people know that accidents happen, and a bong that will survive it is key.  If you want to make sure it’s as durable as it can be, consider the following:

  • Borosilicate Glass Is Stronger – This type of glass ensures that it will survive most dings, knicks, and even some smaller drops and bumps.
  • The Joints Are Reinforced – Reinforced joints (in the bong, not the type you smoke) are essential to ensure you don’t accidentally break it with normal handling.
  • All About That Base – Keeping your bong from falling over is another essential part of making sure it doesn’t break.  Wide bases are sturdier and will help prevent accidents

There are dozens of styles you can choose from when it comes to your water pipe, and these two factors are just the tip of the iceberg where they’re concerned.  But once you’ve gotten this far you’ll be in a good position to start making decisions about the rest of the process. Finding that one perfect water pipe that works for you is the quest of a lifetime, and often it will wind up happening repeatedly as old pipes break, get lost, or you just decide it’s time for something new.  Enjoy your search for the perfect pipe, and remember, more than one is always better than none!

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