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The Dime Bags Rewind series takes you back in time to some of our original designs. From see-though bags to laptop briefcases, you can check out the history of what makes up the Dime Bags you know and love today.

The Dope Duffle was one of the very first Dime Bags created. Let’s take a closer look at the original duffle bag and see what it has evolved into today.

The Dope Duffle was one of the first designs created for the Dime Bags family. Designed before the company was fully established, the Dope Duffle was created to fill a need. The founder of Dime Bags was frustrated with the sub-par hemp bags and glass protection available on the market at the time. As a smoker himself, our founder knew what consumers were looking for in a protective case. First and foremost, consumers needed a bag that would actually protect their glass. In 2006, very few glass protection bags filled this need. He set out to create a bag that not only protected the users breakables, but also represented smokers and the cannabis movement in a positive and progressive light.

The Dope Duffle

The original Dope Duffle.In 2007, the original Dope Duffle design was born. Made with the same eco-friendly and durable Hempster we use today, the Dope Duffle hit the market in 2008 when Dime Bags was officially established. Dime Bags chose to use Hempster, a blend of hemp and recycled polyester, to give consumers not only a durable and protective exterior but also to inform others of the many uses and benefits of hemp. Dime Bags sought out to defy the stereotype surrounding the plant and the people who consume it, and by using hemp to construct our bags, it opened the conversation for the normalization of cannabis.

The Dope Duffle was a revolutionary product for its time. With a durable padded interior, pockets to keep accessories, and a sophisticated build, smokers could transport their glass and accessories confidently. The Dope Duffle came in four colors, brown, black, grey, and red. The Dope Duffle was an instant hit. After many years on the market, Dime Bags decided to upgrade the design to fit with the changing trends and needs of the average smoker.

The Duffle Tube

The new and improved Duffle Tube.

That’s when the new and improved Duffle Tube was introduced. With a more compact design, the glass fit snugly into the bag for the ultimate protection. The Duffle Tube is now available in three sizes, the 10″, 15″, and 17″ Duffle Tubes allow for consumers to select the best option for their glass. Available in eight colors, users now have the option for more customization as well. Like most of our favorite Dime Bag products, the Duffle Tube is made out of Hempster. The interior has padded pockets to keep your accessories safe and sound in during transportation and two carrying handles for on the go.

Dime Bags continues to strive for perfection with every product we make. The Duffle Tube will continue to evolve to fit smoker’s needs while maintaining the quality you know and love. To view more of our protective line, head over to our Shop. In addition to protective gear, Dime Bags has a line of smell proof bags, backpacks and more.

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