Dime Bags + Grassroots Fall Lookbook

Its happening again, Dime Bags teams up with Grassroots to bring you the most dope pairings of bags & Grassroots gear. Check out our favorite fall selections. 

Looking for cool hoodies to go with your Dime Bags? We’ve picked out the coolest designs of leggings, hats, and jackets that match our bags. These beautiful bags and artistic apparel are matches made in heaven.

If you haven’t heard of Grassroots yet, then this is a moment to remember. Dime Bags and Grassroots are made for each other. We both value cannabis reform and artistic expression, plus we share retail spaces in Denver and Chicago.

It only makes since we bring you these dope match-ups online, available 24/7 with free U.S. shipping at our shop (free shipping Dime Bags only). Keep your body warm and your dab rig safe this fall with our picks for the coolest combos of Dime Bags & Grassroots Apparel.

Aspen Black Wool Hat Braided Band & Dime Bags Fanny Pack

Check out this Wool Hat from Grassroots. It’ll last literally forever and features a beautifully braided band. It’s probably the perfect hat for one of those Instagram travel selfies.

We matched it with our Dime Bags Fanny Pack so you can travel light and keep all your concentrates safe. Brag to your friends how awesome and functional your Fanny Pack by showing them how it keeps your vape, wax, money, keys, and phone safe.

Enyo Pink Yoga Pants & Small Multi-Purpose 

OMG, these Pink Yoga Pants are too much, especially combined with our tiny little beautiful Small Multi-Purpose in purple. I can already see myself with this combo coming out of yoga class with a pouch packed with good vibes and a dab for later.

Pineapple Dip Dye Crop Hoodie & 10 Padded Pouch

Grassroots Hoodies are so dope. This one is one of our absolute favorites and look how beautifully it matches with our 10” Padded Pouch.

Any legit glass owners need a padded pouch for their piece. Where better to pack the padded pouch then into a cozy Dip Dye Crop Hoodie. P.S. who ever thought to crop hoodies is a genius.

9th Anniversary Shadow Windbreaker & Club Kid Mini Backpack 

We love the Club Kids. They always have everything you need and usually pretty dope fashion sense. That’s why we matched our mini-back pack with this super awesome patterned 9th Anniversary Shadow Windbreaker.

On the go, in the zone, and fly AF, the Club Kid mini backpack and Windbreaker are where it’s at. Everything you need in a sweet bundle family, eat it up!

Aspen Brown Wool Hat & The Hipster 

Fashion and function that’s made to last. We love Grassroots Aspen Wool Hats so much we decided to pair the brown one with our super-cute Hipster bag. The Hipster is utile and fashionable. It converts into a backpack, shoulder bag, or messenger-style bag that comes in three colors.

The Hipster includes a smell and spill proof poly bag for your cannabis and dab tools, Velcro closure, and of course an interchangeable Velcro label. This duo is perfect for cannabis friendly meet-ups and autumn nights out on the town with your favorite vape.

Teton Removable Bear Tall Pullover Hoodie & 18 Conversion Tube 

This pair is perfect for dab-lifers who love the outdoors. The Teton Removable Bear Tall Pullover Hoodie is exactly what you want for your next camping trip or music festival. And of course it just so happens to go perfectly with our 18” Conversion Tube.

Um, is there anything this Conversion Tube carry-bag can’t do? Seriously, it’s got a huge removable padded insert so in case you’re not carrying around a huge bong you can fill your pack with an entire trip’s worth of supplies. An abundance of protection, warmth, and pockets makes this match a must for cannabis lifestyle outdoor adventurers.

Thanks for checking out our Fall Fashion look-book with Grassroots. Make sure to bookmark our site so you’re always just a click away from dope deals on great bags.

The header image was taken by @ShotbyStasi and features the Dime Bags Magenta Club Kid, Grassroots Galaxy Dress and Grassroots 9th Anniversary Ocean dress

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