Dime Bags Breaks Down the Stoner Holiday 710

Dime Bags's What is 710

What is 710? If you consider yourself as part of the cannabis community, chances are you’ve heard of 420 and its significance. It’s kind of a big deal for cannabis consumers, a “high holiday” of sorts. But what about 710? How did that come about? Here’s all you need to know about 710, including some of the best products to help you get your dab on!

While 7/10 may seem like a completely random date, it actually has a pretty clear tie to a popular form of cannabis consumption. Concentrates, as the name implies, are a concentrated form of cannabis. A popular slang term for concentrates is “oil,” named after the consistency and appearance of cannabis concentrates that some extraction methods produce. When you turn OIL upside down, it looks like the number 710. Thus, 710 was born. The exact origins of the cannabis holiday and connection are unknown, but over the years, it has grown in popularity and is now a recognized “stoner” holiday.

710 Sticker Dime Bags

If you’re new to oils and want to learn more about the uniqueness of dabbing and all its terms, we’ve found a list just for you! Check out Leafly’s breakdown on dabbing.

We’ve got a 24-hour flash sale happening for 710 as well. While all Dime Bags fans can find something they may like in the collection, our dabbers will be hella excited for some of the products that are discounted! The first 50 orders of the day, will also get a free 710 sticker for their collection too.

We’re discontinuing The Bully, and only have a few more in stock, but the originally priced $141.99 dab bag is price cut down to just $83.99! Pictured below, The Bully is your one stop concentration station. With a built-in Dab Guard mat, a padded interior for your piece and tons of storage, it has everything you need for the perfect dab sesh. 

Dime Bag Bully Blog

This fella is B I G. He’s got room for your rig and more. With one external main body zippered pocket, and one external back panel zippered pocket, to the outside world he’s just your average Joe trying to get by. Take a peek inside and you’ll get a whole new idea of him. Lined with shed-proof velour and a safety net of padding, your gear will be safe and shiny. With five internal padded utility pockets for those smaller glass pieces, your shit is safe. Along with three interior zippered pouches for the extra items you may have, you can carry it all in this bag. It is your absolute LAST CHANCE to buy this guy. 

Need to clean up your act or just tired of having a sticky table at home? We’ve got your back with our large Dab Guard. Handle your oils without worrying about staining the family furniture. Our one of a kind cooking grade mat, eliminates mess and waste while being slim and easy to roll up and carry with you. The Bully comes with one, but if you’re just looking for the mat itself, the heat resistant guard is on sale too!

Dime Bag Dab Guard Heat Resistant Mat

Got a smaller rig, but still need protection? Our suitcase is the Dime Bag for you! It’s a little hard, a little soft, but the perfect companion to keep your tools and supplies safe. It has our durable hempster exterior in multiple colors, a heavily padded interior with our soft shed-free valour, and heavy-duty zippers. We have multiple colors and 4 different sizes varying between 5 - 14 inches. The 5 inches are small, but the 9, 11, and 14 come with a removable interior and multiple pockets. 

Dime Bag Suit Case Dab Container Magenta

However you choose to celebrate, make sure to do so responsibly. Check out the full 710 flash sale collection here, and if you haven’t heard about our newest page, check us out on TikTok

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