Best Dime Bags For Gamers

Best Gamer Bags

Video Game day is just around the corner and is celebrated on September 12th each year, this year we got lucky with it being on a Saturday. Whether you’re chilling out at home or are planning a day-long social-distancing get together with your gaming buddies, we’ve got bags that are perfect for stowing your gear with enough snacks to keep the party going. So today, take some time to learn about a selection of our bags that will help you make the most of your gamer days. 

Convertible Backpack & Duffle

The Convertible Backpack & Duffle is the ultimate gaming accessory, switching from a convenient-to-wear backpack to easy to access duffel bag simply by taking it off. Sizable enough to stow your gear along with a healthy amount of snacks yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel, it’s the perfect Video Game Day accessory. The duffle section also has two secure buckles to make sure whatever you place in there doesn’t get beat around during your commute. It’s even got a built-in USB port that can connect items in the bag to those outside without even opening it! 

Convertible Backpack and Duffle Gamer Bag


Heading out to a switch party? Only need to bring along a spare controller? Want to add your glass to your gear but want to make sure it’s safe? The 14” Suitcase is a perfect selection! It has plenty of interior space for smaller game devices, special snacks, your stash, or delicate glass that needs solid protection on your trip. A hard exterior combines with a soft interior to provide the ultimate protection for whatever you bring.

Suitcase Padded Bag for Gamers

Slab Bag

Packing your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC with you and need a bag perfectly designed for carrying it along? The Slab Bag, with its unique flatpack design, is perfectly suited to bringing along your device. There’s plenty of space to pack in your console, your controllers, power supply, and a couple of bags of beef jerky to give you the protein you need to come out on top.

Slab Bag Backpack for Gamers

Fanny Pack/The Outfit

For all those handheld gamers, the ones with the Vita’s, PSP, Nintendo 2/3DS XL, and a deconstructed switch, you can keep your gameplay around your waist. If your commuting from work to home or just passing the time while out and about, you can keep whatever your handheld is secure in our fanny pack or EXTRA secure in our new Omerta, smell proof, lockable fanny pack, The Outfit (seen below).

Smell Proof Fanny pack Outfit Omerta

The Brigata

Want to keep your gaming secrets safe, and the scent of your game day stash concealed? The Brigata from our Omerta Line provides a durable bag that has a comfortably sized interior with a locking zipper that keeps your gear protected. Even better, its smell-proof design means that passersby won’t be able to notice the dank stash you have to celebrate pwning your opponents!

Padded Duffle bag for gamers, Lockable | The Brigata

Omerta Soldier

Got a rough ride on the way to your Video Game Day festivities? Want to make sure your stash, your piece, and even your prize controller make it there safely? It’s time to check out the Omerta Soldier. This piece is a serious trooper when it comes to protecting your gear. Within can be found layers of pick and pull foam that lets you customize its design to fit the needs of your gear. Even better, the container has a TSA approved lock so you can take your valuables on the go! (But please, leave your flower at home, kids).

Omerta Solider | pick and pull foam gamer bag case

So there you have it, a choice selection of top-shelf bags and containers to help you prepare for the upcoming Video Game Day event. With choices like this, you’re certain to find the perfect way to get everything you need to the party so you can pwn your friends in style.

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