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Dime Bags has always been a socially conscious company, and one of the ways we help out is by selling a line of patches for our bags dedicated to different charitable causes.  All of the profits we make from these patches get funneled out to the organizations we’ve partnered with.  Our first foray into this area was with the Autism Climbs patch, and this month we’re proud to announce we’ll be adding the second organization to be part of our Patches With Purpose program.  Sit back, relax with your device, drink your CBD latte, and read up on Athletes with Care, an organization that’s doing great things for those in need.

Professional Athletes Turning Fame Into Fortune For Others
When you’ve had a successful career in the sports industry, and you’re trying to find a great way to spend your retirement, what better way than helping those who face incredible struggles every day?  In 2016 a group of athletes asked this very question and began using their fame and influence to help draw attention to those in need and working hard to provide support and services for them.  Through their efforts, they’ve managed to touch the lives of over two billion people who participate in sports all over the world.

The lives they touch have been touched by depression, PTSD, chronic pain, CTE, substance abuse, TBI, and opioid dependency, just to name a few of the struggles they face.  Their action in the community helps to find solutions for people who live with concerns like these through advocacy, research, and education on health and safety matters.

Advocacy Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Every year the sports industry expands, and as it expands, it leaves thousands in its wake who have been touched by injuries related to sports.  Those who have made sports the focus of their lives to entertain us and support the industry built around them are left to deal with these injuries, suddenly bereft of support and income.  Through their advocacy program, they seek to reach a hand out to these people and ensure that they get the support they need while raising awareness about the consequences of living with a life-changing injury.

Their goals include providing expanded health care coverage, safety for current athletes, a reduction on opioid dependency for pain control, and mental health support. Part of their message includes support for the use of marijuana to help these athletes cope with their mental health issues and control their chronic pain.  Dime Bag supports this noble cause, and that’s part of the reason we’re honored to have them become part of our Patches with Purpose program.

If you know an athlete, who struggles with chronic pain or mental health issues and in need of support, reach out to them and advise them to contact Athletes for Care.  While you’re at it pick up one of our new patches and a swanky new bag to put it on to show your support.  Every little bit helps change the face of the future for athletes past, present, and future.

The Athletes for Care patch will become available soon. Check out our other philanthropic patches at our Patches with a Purpose page.

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