2019 Fashion Trends

At Dime Bags, we have a lot of priorities in mind when designing new products. What’s functional? What’s sustainable? What’s affordable, and what’s stylish? Basically, we really care about creating the best products on the market for YOU. That’s why we’re taking a look at the top 2019 fashion trends.

As 2018 is coming to an end, we’ve started to see a new wave of fashion trends announced for 2019. Paris Fashion Week, for example, has definitely set the stage for a year full of bright colors, fun patterns, and unique materials – and we think they’d all look amazing paired with bags from our Omerta collection. Here’s our top trends for 2019.

Tie Dye

Time to raid your parents’ collection of old t-shirts! Tie dye is expected to be huge next year. Psychedelic-colored dresses and tie-dyed denim are about to hit the streets once again.

Outfit tip: Wear a form-fitting tie dye shirt underneath a low-cut dress – double layer and double pattern the heck out of your day.

Omerta product pairing: Your bright outfit will look great with a solid black Omerta product to bring all those colors together. Carry our 12’ Omerta Collector as a clutch for tons of space to carry your stuff. Pair it with our Pride Patch to add just the right amount of color.

2019 trends neon


Move aside 1960s, and let the ‘80s have the floor! Fluorescent colors are also gonna be in next year. Lime green, bright yellow, and hot pink were all spotted on the runway – from casual beach cover-ups to red carpet gowns.

Outfit tip: The cool thing about neon is that you can mix and match colors with little chance of clashing. Got some electric blue overalls and a flame orange crop top? Pair the two for a full day of fabulousness.

Omerta product pairing: Whether sporting your neon attire to class or camping, check out The Transporter to easily carry everything you need. Our smell-proof backpack is sure to help you survive any history exam or outdoor festival. Let your outfit steal the attention, and keep your stash under wraps in a solid black but fashionable bag. Our Alien Patch will complement your bright colored ensemble without stealing the stage.



Hey there, sexy! Looking to show off some extra skin? Sheer clothes (especially dresses) are becoming cool with both celebrities and us normal folk. It’s daring, fun, and amazing on hot summer days.

Outfit tip: Wear black high-waisted underwear with a black bandeau underneath a bright colored “naked dress” for a jaw-dropping look. Feeling daring? Free the nip and take off the bra! You’ll look amazing, feel confident, and be ahead of what’s hip right now.

Omerta product pairing: Don’t cover up your bold outfit choice! Carry our 5” Omerta Smell Proof Pouch around to keep your phone, wallet, and goodies by your side all day long. It’s easy to carry, and will pair well with your dark undergarments without stealing the show (YOU are the show hunny, YOU). Check out our cute Owl patch to jazz up your Pouch even further – the neutral color of this patch will look good with anything.

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