Can Cannabis Help With Opiod Addiction?

Cannabis has had a bad rap over the last hundred years or so, and side by side with its demonized reputation has come to a troop of people hailing its ability to heal a huge range of ailments.  With the legalization movement happening in the world today, there’s a growing body of evidence showing that these claims of healing ability have far more in common with the truth than those decrying it does.  One of the most recent claims to have been substantiated by the scientific community is its ability to help with Opioid Addiction.

More Than Just THC
One of the first things that must be understood about ganja is that there isn’t one chemical in the plant that is active in the human body, but over 500.  Thanks to its dubious past, the effects of these chemicals haven’t been thoroughly researched until recently, and there’s still a lot to be done. However, there has been growing evidence that these chemicals can serve to aid a growing number of health issues, mental health, and addiction among them.

A Weapon Against Opioid Dependency
Regardless of its ability to defeat opioid addiction, what has become evident is that it is fully capable of eliminating cases of prescribed opioid dependency.  In one case, an Army Veteran who had been registered as fully disabled was able to regain her life from opioids by using medicinal marijuana. The pain she experienced from the back and neck injuries she gained during her service days required an immense amount of time-release morphine to keep under control.  Her mind was in a constant fog, and she was often confused or disconnected from her life and the people she loved.

She decided that enough was enough and started asking about medicinal marijuana as a way to start taking back her life. Over the course of a year was able to completely remove her dependency on morphine.  Today she lives a full life connecting with her family and keeping her pain under control through the use of medical cannabis.

More Than Just Harm Reduction
Cannabis has been suggested as a way to battle opioid addiction, though some have argued its just trading one addiction for another.  Even if this was true, the health and social consequences of taking cannabis are substantially less than those imposed by opioid addiction, and any meaningful reduction in harm is decidedly worth it.

Mounting evidence shows that the effect of cannabis goes beyond mere harm reduction in these cases, however.  Cannabis has been shown to aid in treating withdrawal symptoms and cravings, in addition to being more effective at treating the symptoms that were being treated with the opiates, to begin with.

There’s still a lot of research to be done, and evidence to be gathered. The road ahead looks like we may finally be seeing a way to truly help those fighting opioid addiction, as well as return the minds and lives to people currently living in an opioid-induced fog.

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