Terpene Profile – Limonene

There’s a brisk and refreshing scent that you get when you break the skin of an orange.  Full of citrus, the scent is bright and seems to wake us up with the warmth of the sun.  If you’ve ever wondered what that smell is it is caused by a terpene known as a limonene.  Located within the essential oils of a plant terpenes are the hydrocarbons that give plants many of their properties, including odor.  One of the plants that you can find limonene in is sativa strains of cannabis, and it brings all of its benefits to the table when imbibing it.

The Two Forms of Limonene

To begin with, it’s important to know that there are two forms of limonene, though the two are fairly similar when it comes to their benefits.  The first of the two is known as d-limonene and has the tell-tale citrus smell that we associate with oranges.  The other form, known as l-limonene, has a turpentine like smell.

terpene Limonene

Common Uses Of Limonene

If you’ve ever been in a room when someone is cleaning with an orange based cleaner, or when someone has peeled an orange, then you are familiar with its tell-tale odor.  You may also notice that your mood has heightened in response to the smell, which is just one of the reason this natural terpene is used in cleaning products.  The other reasons are its inherent anti-bacterial properties, which helps to eliminate bacteria off surfaces cleaned with these products.

How Limonene Can Benefit Your Health

When you take in limonene, whether that be by breathing it in, using topical treatments that contain it, or eating it, you’ll be benefiting from the health benefits it provides.   These benefits include its ability to boost your immune system, aid in fighting infection, reduce inflammation, and its cancer fighting properties as an anti-oxidant.  Those who live active lifestyles will be happy to know that it can also help you recover following a workout.

One of the most surprising properties of limonene, especially given that its commonly found in citrus fruit, is its ability to neutralize acid.  This property has made it a popular solution for treating reflux diseases like GERD.  While you won’t get the necessary dosage through smoking, it requires over 1,000mg of limonene a day, it certainly can’t help.  It’s just one more way that cannabis can help boost your appetite and make food more appealing.

Limonene terpene

The next time you’re looking for an uplifting smoke make sure you’re looking for a good sativa blend that has prominent citrus notes.  Sativa strains that fit this profile have a significant presence of limonene meaning that you’ll get all these benefits any time you light up or otherwise imbibe them.  Those citrus notes would likely add some points of interest to edibles that you prepare with these strains as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them in your favorite batches!

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