Terpene Profile – Pinene

As medical research continues on marijuana there are huge new discoveries being made.  Among these discoveries are an abundance of terpenes that exist within the various strains of the plant.  Terpenes are a type chemical compounds that occur naturally within many plants and can be the source of numerous health benefits.  Among the terpenes that have been found in cannabis is pinene, a compound that gives plants like Pine trees their distinctive odors.  Smoking or vaping cannabis can impart the benefits of these terpenes on the imbiber.

Pinene – A shining Star Among Terpenes

This substance happens to be one of the terpenes that has been studied the most.  As the name implies pinene is a central component of the rich aroma of pine trees and their relatives.  They also happen to bring a host of great flavors to cannabis strains that contain them.  One of its most prominent health benefits is its anti-inflammatory effects.


How Do Cannabis Terpenes Work?

The terpenes within cannabis have multiple effects that only start with changing their odor and taste. The presence of terpenes within the cannabis can have a profound effect on the high you experience and how you benefit from it.  Pinene, for example, is well known for its ability to heighten awareness and aid those who smoke it in staying alert.  Short-term memory loss has also been shown to be positively effected by taking pinene, countering the idea that it can be damaged by overimbibing in THC.  Additionally pinene is one of the terpenes responsible for helping to soothe paranoia, especially that caused by overimbibing THC.

terpene profile

Other Medical Benefits of Pinene

Pinene has some great medicinal effects as well.  Among these medicinal effects is bronchodilation, or the ability to open the lungs and ease breathing problems like asthma.  When used in this way it’s best to vape it rather than smoke it as the smoke can aggravate the issues, but lacking a vape it should still help.  They’re also known to actively fight bronchial infections, and medical science is actively looking into potential uses for cannabis in treating it.

It also has been shown to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits when used.  This means that it is capable of fighting more than just bronchial infections, but can help ease pain throughout the body.  These properties, including its analgesic action, means that its perfect for those who are suffering from chronic pain.  Its gentle action lets patients with this condition live more comfortably without the negative side effects that come from other pain killers.

Every year we discover there are more uses for marijuana than anyone had previously imagined.  Medical benefits vary by strain, and include incredible examples like the ability to reduce or even stop epileptic seizures in some patients.  If you’re looking for a strain that will help you tackle chronic pain concerns while ensuring you remain alert and awake, check with your distributor to find out what high pinene strains they have available.

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