Strain of the Month – June

If you’re like us the mere mention of cheesecake makes your ears perk up, especially when you’ve got a severe case of the munchies rolling on.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered Double Lemon Cheesecake was an incredible strain of cannabis that brought a tantalizing blend of citrus notes combined with forest pin and berries to the nose.  The combination of effects and flavors brought to us by this strain made it clear that we were going to enjoy it.

The Origins Of Double Lemon Cheesecake
Before we get into its flavors and effects it’s best that we talk a little about the origin of this strain.  Okanagan County, Washington has been producing some fantastic bud even before it went legal there, and going legal has done nothing to slow down their production of notable strains of weed.  Using strict organic standards, CannaSol Farms ensures that your smoke contains only the all natural energy of the sun without any of the chemical pesticides used by some growers.  When you light up any of their strains, you’re guaranteed to have a clean burn free from the harshness you can find with those using more traditional growing methods.

strain of the month
A Sweet And Citrusy High
This strain has a distinctive bud that looks like the best of brownies, chunky and thick.  Covering the outside is a grouping of foxtail tips that have a distinctive layer of trichomes finely dusting them.  Beneath you’ll find a deep dark green that gives an earthy flavor you only get from cannabis grown outdoors.  When you grow marijuana inside, you tend to get a lighter green coloration that is nearly uniform in its pattern.

When you light up, you’ll immediately get to savor the flavor of sizzling trichomes and citrus that carries you to a high that is euphoric and heady thanks to the sativa content of this strain.  As it sets in, you’ll find your body relaxing as a comfortable sense of contentment and well-being flows over you.  As you exhale, you’ll get the last burst of earthy flavor that leaves you with a pleasant lingering taste that will brighten your day as surely as the 19.5% THC found in this blend.

double lemon cheesecake strainHighly Recommended For Those Seeking a Sativa High
If you’re facing pain and discomfort, then Double Lemon Cheesecake will bring you some gentle relief thanks to its relaxing properties.  Whether you’re living with chronic pain or work a demanding job that leaves you wanting to relax and unwind at the end of the day this sustainably grown strain is going to do a great job of it.  Whether you’re rolling up a fat joint or smoking it through your favorite bubbler, you’re going to get great results out of this breed.

If you’ve never heard of CannaSol Farms, then Double Lemon Cheesecake is going to be a great introduction to their product.  This vibrant green and citrusy bud is going to ensure that you become a fan almost immediately, so give it a try and enjoy the relaxing flavor of DLCC.

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