How to Spot Good Cannabis

Dank, loud, top shelf, primo, fire, kind bud… you get the point. Whatever you call it, a seasoned smoker knows good cannabis when they see it. But is it all about what the buds look like? To answer the question, we’ve put together a quick guide to good grass based on the five senses. Here’s how to tell good weed from the not so good.

The Look

While the appearance of your cannabis isn’t everything, it definitely has a lot to do with quickly identifying if it’s any good. Your buds should be generally green in color, with specks of purples, oranges, or reds thrown in – though it’s debatable if those orange hairs, or pistils, actually mean it’s better in quality.

Indica buds tend to be tight and dense, while you can expect sativas to be more light and fluffy. Either way, you don’t want weed with lots of visible stems or excessive leaves – that’s a sign the plant didn’t get the TLC it deserved.

Most importantly, good cannabis will look frosty and crystally. If it sparkles in the light, you’ve hit the jackpot. Those crystals are trichomes, and that’s where all the cannabinoids and terpenes are stored. The frostier it looks, the more flavorful and more potent it will be.

how to spot good cannabis

The Feel

The look of your cannabis will greatly affect how it feels. For example, those pistils should make your bud feel a little bit hairy. You want it to be slightly dried so you know it was cured well after it was harvested. Curing the weed basically means that the plant is stored away after it’s trimmed in order to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids stored in those trichomes. A well-cured harvest is more flavorful, smooth, and potent (a good average THC content is between 15-25%) – you can literally feel the difference!

All those trichomes should leave your bud feeling sticky, too. Roll it through your fingers and see if there’s any residue. Sparkling fingers means you found some good stuff.

how to spot good weed

The Smell

Identifying good cannabis by the smell is pretty simple – if it smells dirty, or like hay, it sucks. The scent of your stash should be pungent. It should fill a room when you open your bag (which is why we sell each Dime Bags bag with a smell-proof pouch!). If it lacks a smell, if it doesn’t make you want to take a big whiff, it’s a sign of poorly grown or poorly cured buds.

Those terpenes each have their own profile, and they affect the smell, taste, and effects of each strain. Terpenes can make your pickup smell like musk, herbs, citrus, pepper, wood, flowers, pine, and more. Combos of terpenes lead to unique scents – like a bouquet of buds, if you will.

tell if good weed

The Taste

Similar to the scent of buds, terpenes will affect the taste of your weed. That first hit of greens should taste fresh and flavorful. People who have smoked cannabis and said they don’t like it because it “tastes gross” most likely smoked some mids.

The Sound

The sound of your weed is kind of a stretch here (but this is a post about the five senses, right?) but at the end of the day, it still matters! If your cannabis is super crunchy when you break it up, it can be a sign that the buds have dried out. While you can still roll it up, it’ll probably burn faster without much moisture. Look for buds that have a satisfying “snap” when you break them off the stem, without being too noisy when grinding them up.

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