Strain of the Month – February

Picture this: Valentine’s Day is coming up, you’ve got a special someone in mind, and want to get them something special. You could get them flowers, or maybe a box of chocolates… or maybe, both – all in one! We’d like to introduce you to February’s Strain of the Month: Chocolate Chunk.

Chocolate Chunk

Grown by T.H. Seeds, Chocolate Chunk is a pure indica that will leave you couch locked after just a few hits. It flowers fast, tastes like a dessert, and is the perfect strain for a movie night indoors with your hunny. Be prepared to do a whole lot of nothing important after smoking a bowl of Chocolate Chunk – it’s definitely meant for lounging, and we absolutely LOVE it.

The Basics

What’s better than a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date on the town? Dessert, of course! Chocolate Chunk is more like a luxurious late-night treat rather than a casual mid-day snack, if you know what I mean. It’s rich and potent in both flavor and effects, making it perfect for late night cuddles on the couch. Smoking these buds tends to leave users sleepy and sedated, so plan on a nice Valentine’s Day nap together. You’ll first feel a strong physical relaxation that moves throughout your body, and it’ll even help relieve some aches and pains. With a potency between 10 – 22% THC on average, Chocolate Chunk is a true indica throughout.

The Effects

Like we said: Chocolate Chunk is most DEFINITELY an indica. This strain will have you feeling everything from relaxed, to sleepy, to hungry and happy. Medically, it helps with insomnia, pain, stress, and depression – and it’ll even boost your appetite. Chocolate Chunk is good for headaches and body aches, and most people feel relaxed almost immediately, so it’s the perfect treat for anyone suffering from something like the flu (or maybe just the love bug!). It’s a good choice for anyone who suffers from panic attacks, since it’s unlikely to result in an intense kind of high. But make sure to pick up a bottle of champagne to go along with the buds, because you might get cotton mouth after a few hits.

The Buds

When we tell you Chocolate Chunk is like a fancy dessert, we mean it! It’s earthy, woody, and almost tastes a little bit like coffee. It’s also a relatively easy strain to grow. Deriving from pure Afghani indicas in the Hindu Kush mountain range, Chocolate Chunk flowers in just 7-8 weeks. Buds are chunky, dense, and on the smaller side – again living up to its indica roots. They’re usually green for the most part, with some orange pistils sprinkled in for some color.

Chocolate Chunk is the perfect post- Valentine’s Day dinner treat. Why choose between flowers and chocolate when you can have both? If you’ve got some drinks, a good movie, and that special someone to snuggle up and enjoy the night with, Chocolate Chunk is sure to make your best days even better.

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