Strain of the Month – April

April is a special month to any true stoner. Outdoor smoke seshes are possible once again. Outdoor crops can start to flourish (depending on where you live). And 420 is right around the corner. To celebrate the good weather and changing of the seasons, our Strain of the Month is none other than Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is classified as a sativa, though it’s usually got an 80/20 sativa/indica ratio. Though its true origins aren’t known, it’s believed to be a cross between Strawberry Fields and some mysterious Haze strain that dates way back when. It doesn’t really matter where it comes from, though, because this strain can hold its own – Strawberry Cough actually won the Best Flower title at the 2013 Cannabis Cup, marking its place in history as an unmistakably good time.

strawberry cough

The Basics

One of the reasons Strawberry Cough is so iconic is because of its sweet aroma of, you guessed it, strawberries! Let this strain brighten your day with its strong sativa qualities and fruity fragrance. With THC levels between 15 and 26%, taking a hit of Strawberry Cough is like inhaling a fresh, energizing, springtime snack. If you take your cannabis consumption even semi-seriously, there’s a good chance you’ve at least heard of this strain – and believe us when we say, you need to check it out! It’s got flavor, potency, and the desired effects of any good sativa. In less than 15 minutes after smoking, you’ll start to feel any fatigue drain away. It’s the perfect strain to keep your 420 activities going all day long.

The Effects

While Strawberry Cough offers energizing effects that are typical of a sativa, it’s a favorite amongst users because it also leaves you feeling mellow and relaxed. For day-to-day life, this strain helps you get through it all. Whether studying for a big exam or grocery shopping, a few hits of Strawberry Cough can help give you the energy, motivation, and positive attitude you need to accomplish anything at all. It’s a good daytime strain, and its strong strawberry flavor makes it extra enjoyable in the morning with a fresh glass of juice (fun fact! Peak strawberry growing season actually starts this month). Medically, Strawberry Cough’s euphoric, uplifting effects can help with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, seasonal affective disorder, and more. It quickly works to calm both the mind and the body, helping to increase concentration and lower stress. Just beware that higher doses of THC can actually increase paranoia, so take things slow and give yourself some time to figure out the right dosage for you.

strawberry cough

The Buds

The buds of Strawberry Cough are almost breathtakingly beautiful. You can expect hues of violet, neon green, and yellow, with bright orange pistils peeking out of frost-coated leaves. It’s a rather crystally strain, with tons of dense trichomes to give the plant a pretty sparkle in the springtime sun. In terms of growing the crop, it’s often suggested for complete beginners. You can expect your plants to grow about three to four feet high, with buds flowering in about nine weeks. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but keep in mind that strawberries like the sun – Strawberry Cough, too, does best in temperatures around 75 degrees. When grown correctly, each mature plant yields about 14 ounces.

While Strawberry Cough’s origins still remain a mystery, what’s not questioned is this strain’s top notch quality, flavor, or effects. Whether a novice smoker or a lifelong stoner, ring in the 420 holiday with a fresh bowl of this guy to guarantee a good time.

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