How to Save Money on Legal Weed

With the legalization, and subsequent marketing, of marijuana through legal circles, it was only a matter of time before coupons and discounts started being part of the game.  Thankfully cannabis aficionados are stoked for anything that leaves them with a little extra munchie money in their account at the end of the day!  If you happen to live in one of those states where marijuana has finally been legalized, then we’ve got a few spots on the web you’re going to want to check out for the best deals on great ganja.

PotGuide.Com provides you with a comprehensive list of dispensaries throughout the states that presently offer legal access to marijuana.  Here you can find information about these locations, news, and guides about cannabis culture, and even information about the newest strains.  Their best offering by far, however, is their comprehensive list of discounts and coupons under the ‘deals’ section of the website.  If you’re looking for a place to find great deals on your ganja supply wherever you go, is a great resource.

dispensary coupon
Weedmaps is another excellent resource for people looking for supplies for discount weed.  Whether you’re in your home state looking for a new place to pick up your stash at discount prices, or are on the go in unknown territory Weedmaps has got you covered. You can search for your favorite strain by price, flower type, brand, and location through their site with ease.  If you have any questions about how to use their website effectively, they even have a phone number you can call to help you on your way.  In some locations, you’re also able to order your supply online through their site!
This website has an extensive selection of discounted weed and resin available on its site. Unlike some of the other sites listed above, these guys focus purely on getting discounts to their visitors.  Whether you’re looking for deals on medical weed, recreational weed, or are looking to buy by the ounce these folks have got you covered.  Every day you’ll find the newest deals highlighted at the top of their site. You also have the option to peruse their offerings using their category drop-down, which includes options like joints, first timers, recreational, and connoisseur for the discerning toker. is one of our favorite websites for searching for great deals on weed.  It provides you with a comprehensive list of locations relative to you and highlights those that offer exceptional discounts.  Some of the discounts they highlight include veterans discounts, first-time users, discounts for locals, and medical patients, to name a few.  We recommend this location for anyone trying to get the best possible deal on their next pickup.

As cannabis starts to become legalized across the nation, we expect to see more sites like these pop-up.  Every one of them is working with dispensaries to ensure they can connect the hunting smoker with the business that wants to service them.  When you take advantage of deals like these, you’ll have enough left over to pick up that bag of Funyuns on the way home!

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