Strain of the Month – January

It thrives outdoors. It’s perfect for cultivating in cold climates because of its origins. It looks like it’s covered in a freshly fallen snow. For January, the Strain of the Month is one that we think is perfectly fitting for the heart of the winter season: Snow Bud.

Snow Bud

Whether taking a trip to the lifts, enjoying a snow day from the couch, or about to shovel the driveway, Snow Bud is a hybrid strain that goes well with just about any winter activity. It’s name comes from its appearance, since buds are covered in snow-like resin and tons of white pistils. It actually looks like it was just caught in a gentle snow storm. Our favorite way to enjoy Snow Bud is curled up by the fire while sipping on some hot tea – the strain’s warm and spicy aroma adds comfort to any situation.

snow bud strain

The Basics

Snow Bud is almost exactly a 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid. Created by Dutch Passion, it’s a mix of Afghani, one of the most popular indicas in the cannabis world, and an unknown South African sativa. It’s got a pungent aroma that’s described as herbal, woody, sweet, and spicy, all at the same time. Taste wise, you can expect a skunk-meets-cinnamon twist that basically tastes like wintertime. Snow Bud is a great neutral strain since it’s about equal parts sativa and indica. It’s known to leave users more energetic and uplifted than relaxed, with a moderate THC content that averages at about 10%.

The Effects

With its modest THC content, Snow Bud is gentle but potent enough to induce noticeable effects, mostly of happiness or relaxation that’s not too intense or overwhelming. Because of this, it’s good for both daytime and evening use. It’s known to leave users feeling uplifted and euphoric, but in large amounts can also result in sleepiness or hunger – making it medically useful for those suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, or an eating disorder. It’s also known to help with nausea, pain, and inflammation. Again, we like to smoke Snow Bud while also enjoying a nice hot tea, because the strain is known to cause cotton mouth sometimes (and who doesn’t like tea in the winter?).

snow bud strain

The Buds

As a plant, Snow Bud is a relatively easy cannabis strain to grow. It’s a great outdoor plant, since it derives from the Swiss Alps and has adapted to colder climates, but it also does really well indoors. It flowers in less than two months and has a surprisingly large yield in such a short amount of time – up to 3 to 6 ounces from each plant! The plants are also mold and mildew resistant.

Snow Bud is the perfect winter strain, in terms of both its appearance and effects. It’s not too high in THC that it leaves you sedated, but it’s not so low that effects go unnoticed. It’s also neither too much of an indica or a sativa, but offers a perfect middle ground – the best of both worlds for any weed enthusiast. Next time you’re snowed in and looking for something to do, cozy up with some Snow Bud to make any wintertime adventure more enjoyable.

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