Dime Bags® Wholesale

Wholesale Accounts for Retailers

Dime Bags® is currently accepting applications for wholesale accounts. If you are a retailer or a wholesaler who is looking to stock Dime Bags® hemp bags, computer bags, backpacks, purses, vaporizer bags, pouches and or T-shirts and jerseys, we offer two options for signing up for a wholesale account.

Wholesale Options for New Accounts

  • The first option is to simply call the Distributor, Head Choice Inc.
  • 1 (888) 520-8808.
  • The second option for ordering Dime Bags at the wholesale level is to visit the Head Choice Inc. wholesale distribution page and fill out the New Customer Form.

Retailers Get Listed in Our Store Locator

Everyone here at Dime Bags® appreciates your interest in stocking our Hemp Bags, Backpacks, and Pouches product line. At Dime Bags®, we want to help our retailers succeed; therefore, the Dime Bags® website features a Store Locator. Each of the retailers who stock the Dime Bags® product line are featured in a database for the Store Locator. Potential Dime Bags customers will be able to easily locate your retail shop through the Store Locator search feature.

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