A Day in Denver – Things to Do Near Our Flagship Store

Santa Fe Art District in Denver, Colorado is a famous hub for art, culture, dining, and shopping. Best of all, it’s home to our flagship store. Read this guide to help you make the most of your day near the Santa Fe Art District. Find out when and where to visit the best art galleries, eat in the best restaurants, and shop in the coolest stores.

People love to visit the Santa Fe Art District for its famous murals and Colorado culture vibes. It’s the hippest place to hit up for a day of shopping and dining in Denver. If you’re not careful though you could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and miss out on the best parts of Santa Fe’s Art District. This article helps you plan the perfect day in Denver around Santa Fe’s Art District, including a visit to the Dime Bags storefront! Wander through stunning art galleries, stop for lunch at a local favorite restaurant, and find the best shops to get gifts in Denver. Let’s go!

Take A Hike!

Start your day off the Colorado way with a day hike near Denver. Catch some early morning air and regain your connection with nature. We found this great resource to help you find a trail near Santa Fe Dr. Day Hikes Near Denver lists the top 10 hikes as well as trails that are just 30 minutes from town. They have trails near waterfalls, easy hikes; dog-friendly trails, and even list several handicap accessible trails near Denver. Don’t feel like hiking and prefer to stay in town? Check out Sunken Gardens Park for a beautiful place warm up your day.

Cool Cafés near Santa Fe

Mmm…Coffee! for breakfast! This is one of those super cool local cafés that doesn’t take its self too seriously and is a dope spot to kick it for a coffee. If you are super hungry I would recommend going somewhere with a fuller menu like Interstate Kitchen & Bar, but if all you’d like is a healthy breakfast, salad, wrap, or vegan pastry and dank coffee this is a good spot for breakfast.

Other great cafés and restaurants nearby that feature local artists, chefs, and live music include Joe Maxx Coffee Co., Renegade Brewing Company, and The Board Game Republic. You can check out more awesome places to eat lunch and dinner near the Art District at Denver Art District.

Visit The Art District

Santa Fe’s Art District is a designated “Creative District” in Colorado with more than 30 art galleries and innovative businesses. Along with an extensive variety of modern art events, Santa Fe has a great selection of authentic Mexican restaurants and craft beer breweries, a staple of the local vibe. Make sure you check local calendars for events because when it’s popping in the Art District, you don’t want to miss out. People rave about regularly occurring festivities like –

  • First Friday art walks – we host a party each First Friday you don’t want to miss
  • Third Friday Collector’s Preview
  • Art Day on Santa Fe
  • Dia de Los Muertos

You can check out more about Art District upcoming events, galleries, and local artists at Denver.org.

Check out Some Dime Bags and Grassroots Gear

There are a million and one adventures you could go on in and around Denver. But let’s keep it real; the real adventure is getting some high-quality herb from a legal dispensary. Lucky for you there’s no shortage of local pot shops near the Art district to get some great green. Check out dispensaries like Buddy Boy or Euflora to find good deals, or search for yourself. You’ll likely end up leaving the Art District with some quality cannabis and a nice functional glass piece. Before you leave the Art District there’s one more place that you absolutely must stop!

Come by our shop and check out our selection of protective glass bags and Grassroots hats + apparel! Functional glass pieces from the Art District are one of a kind master crafts and you don’t want to travel without protecting your new piece.

Our protective cases are the perfect padded case for your glass pipes, bongs, rigs, or for anyone looking for a great bag that’s both beautiful and functional. We use our own patented hemp textile called Hempster and have a line of protective pipe cases for all size pieces with plenty of pockets to stash tools accessories. We have smell proof technology incorporated into our Omerta protective cases so you know your stuff is safe.

Enjoy a day in Denver and be sure to stop by the Dime Bags + Grassroots store on Santa Fe Dr. before heading home to blaze. You’ll love your new bud, pipe, and bag, and hopefully, you remember to get some awesome local art while you were out! Thanks for reading family, have a great adventure! Blessings!

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